What's Going On With Mortgage Rates? A Definitive Guide As Of August 26th, 2020

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

With several major developments and interesting milestones in the mortgage world, I’m seeing a lot more confusion than normal. So let’s clear it up without too many extra words or meaningless rants. I heard rates were 1.99%. What’s up with that? Ever paid more upfront in exchange for lower cost over time? 1.99% is that simple, and it was aggressively/cleverly marketed. The average borrower tends to choose a higher rate over the bigger upfront costs associated with 1.99%. Read more on it HERE . I heard there was some fee a few weeks ago that made mortgage rates 0.5% higher! Sort of… Remember, mortgage rates themselves are only one part of the equation. There’s also the option of paying more or less upfront to make that rate higher or lower. In fact, whether you see it or not, there’s a cost…(read more)

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