Mortgage Rates Will Have to Wait to Set More Records

Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates hit all-time lows on Friday, based on the average rate for a top tier conventional 30yr fixed loan scenario. At that time, I raised the question as to whether that was really “news” considering we were already in line with all-time lows on Thursday and that rates have generally been pushing into an all-time low range during the coronavirus saga. In fact, as far as bond markets are concerned (and they’re typically all that matters), we should have seen 10-20 days of new all-time lows so far in 2020. It’s only due to the COVID-related mortgage market effects that mortgage rates have been on a delayed timeline relative to the broader bond market. So can we rest assured that rates will continue to press into all-time lows in a gradual manner? Actually, no… not if today is any indication…(read more)

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