3.4 Million Loans Already in Forbearance – Black Knight

Posted To: MND NewsWire

March is typically the strongest month of the year for mortgage performance, probably because, according to Black Knight the receipt of tax refunds allows delinquent borrowers to catch up on their payments. However, last month the delinquency rate rose 3.39 percent, the first time they have increased in March since the turn of the century. Not even during the Great Recession was there a March uptick. The company says that forbearances are included in its statistics as delinquencies even though, under the CARES Act, they are not reported as such to the credit bureaus. Along with its regular “First Look” at mortgage performance, Black Knight also updated its daily forbearance tracking. The number of mortgages that were 30 days or more past due but not in foreclosure reached 1.8 million in March…(read more)

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