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Dealing with Debt Issues During the Coronavirus / COVID-19 Pandemic

In this video, I share some tips and insight in how you should handle your debts if your income is negatively impacted by the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic.

The Coronavirus / COVID-19 is causing financial markets to drop and many of us are required to reduce our work or stop working altogether. The financial fall out for American families will be huge.
There are things you can do now to keep your family financially sound and avoid some of the difficulties that come with a job loss or reduced income.

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  3. Thanks Bro

  4. I hope debt collectors die from the virus.

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  6. How about chap 7 if you've lost job or hours during this crisis?

  7. Thanks for the information John! 👍🏽

  8. Thanks For Your Time Helping Other's With This Today… By Far Would Be The Bottom Line In All This We Have Going On Today..

    Although It Might Be Wise To Start Keeping An Eye Out On These Debt Collector's Since Later They Will Likely Somehow Take Advantage Of All This And Somehow Find A Way To Keep This From Happening Month's Down The Road…

    I Do Have An Idea… Update The FDCPA To Include From Here On Out That Any Attempt To Collect On A Debt Must Be Followed With A Certified Letter To The Consumer… This Way, The Consumer Then Has The 30 Days To Contest Said Claim, Period And Not The Prior Actions They Have Been Getting Away With All This Time😉

    Would Like To Somehow Also Toss In Say, Identity Theif And Fraud Charges If Say One Does Happen To Create A Debt Out Of Thin Air And Be Held Accountable For Said Actions Even After The FDCPA And FCRA Are Taken Care Of…

    Yet I'll Save This For Later Or If The FTC Does The Above… I Will Rest My Case😉 Thanks And Do Take Care Of Yourself And Family💖💖💖

  9. Great Advice💯


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