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How Mortgage Underwriters View Charge Offs

1. How Do Mortgage Lenders View Charge Offs And Collections
* How do mortgage lenders see the write-offs? How mortgage lenders see write-offs and downloads depends on the mortgage company.

– Mortgage borrowers may have outstanding collections and pay bills, and qualify for a mortgage loan with no overlays
– For example, HUD, and FHA parent, does not require borrowers to pay their outstanding balance and debit their accounts in order to qualify for FHA loans
– However, many banks and mortgage lenders require repayment of accounts and overdue debt collection accounts to qualify
– This is not an FHA guideline, but rather a lender overlay
– Gustan Cho Team at Loan Cabin Inc. there are no overlays on government and/or conventional loans

2. Charge Offs: What Are Charge Offs
* Write-offs are credit accounts on which the creditor makes a write-off of debt owed to them by consumers:

– After they try to recover it and consider it to be a bad debt (usually 4 months), the debt is usually written off
– The creditor may possibly sell copies to debt collection agencies or may decide to issue a judgment
– The mortgage borrower may still be eligible for FHA loans with repayments and open debt collection accounts
– Borrowers who have used write-downs and recovery accounts in the past and are still on the credit report do not have to pay back the outstanding balance to qualify for government and conventional loans
– I am still dealing with borrowers with earlier dismissals and open debt collection accounts
– We have no problem closing the mortgage without having to pay back in accordance with the HUD mortgage guidelines

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