Payment Relief: What 18 Banks Are Doing Right Now

In this video I describe what 18 major banks are doing right now to provide payment relief and debt relief to customers who may not be able to make their payments right now.

This goes for credit cards, mortgages, insurance products, and more.

I also show you on my screen what the website is for each of these banks to learn what they’re doing to help their customers.

Here are the banks whose relief programs I cover in this episode:

– Ally
– American Express
– Bank of America
– Capital One
– Chase
– Citi
– Comenity
– Discover
– Goldman Sachs
– Navy Federal Credit Union
– Rocket Mortgage (Quicken Loans)
– Synchrony
– TD Bank
– Truist
– U.S. Bank
– Wells Fargo

My Citi Double Cash Link:


Numerous banks and credit card providers are offering debt relief and other programs to help customers through difficult times right now.

As with mortgages, you should try to contact your provider before missing any payments.

They’ll likely be willing to negotiate with you, but you’ll need to work with them and come to an agreement.

Most banks are responding to individual situations on a case-by-case basis, although some have changed specific policies in response to what’s going on right now.



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  2. I’m hoping someone can answer this because I’m stressed out. My wife filed jointly and we take care of dad as a dependent who receives social security. And I’m thinking we screwed my dad out of Stimulus check. Which he is gonna be pissed anyone who knows please answer for me

  3. So if on SSI go too the IRS fill out a simple form at this time they dont have??? so no fast help there.. house payment a 90 day hold then you get too pay it all back at once wow fast help wow

  4. i hear on the house payment you get a hold for 90 days then after the 90 days you owe all them payments back at the sametime?? how is that relief?????

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  6. I thought you were going to say how to contact banks for SBA interest free loans 🤔👌🏽

  7. cool video keep it up bro


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