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Mortgage Crisis 2020 Exposed…

Mortgage Crisis 2020… It might be happening! I initially shrugged this Mortgage Crisis talk until I did some more fact digging and research. I then realize that this Mortgage Crisis might be a ticking time b*mb waiting to blow up on the economy in about 3-5 months. I hope I’m wrong because this is going to be a devastating effect on the economy and to the real estate market. So here it is… Mortgage Crisis 2020 Exposed… Enjoy!

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So what is this upcoming Mortgage Crisis 2020? Well it has to do with the current situation. With the coronavirus pandemic and the economic domino effect, a lot of people have become unemployed and thus unable to pay their mortgage payments. Consequently, the government and the banks (probably on the same team) created ways for borrowers to request forbearance. Mortgage Forbearance is basically a period of time where you don’t have to make the mortgage payments. Usually, the term “forbearance” suggests that they’re forgiving certain number of payments within a period of time.

But this time… the banks aren’t telling the entire story… You see, some banks may be giving their borrowers a mortgage forbearance but may demand that they make a lump sum payment of all the missed payments at the end of the forbearance period. Kinda like in a horror movie when you think that the bad guy is gone but really he’s waiting to make his reappearance as a surprise.

This causes some concerns as many individuals don’t have enough cash or savings to make the lump sum payment at the end of the forbearance period. Let alone, these same borrowers have lost their job and their income so how are they going to ever make any large payments? There may be a wave of foreclosures as well as short sales if people can’t make these payments.

So it’s really important when asking for a mortgage forbearance that you understand the terms as well as the consequences of getting a mortgage forbearance. Some of the “nicer” banks are allowing for the missed mortgage payments to be put on the back-end of the mortgage or give you the option to pay the lump-sum on an installment fashion.

If there’s a sudden wave of foreclosures and short sales, this can certainly put damage on the overall real estate market prices.

What do you guys think?

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