Rental Property INVESTING: Refinance vs Sale

I have been putting this day off for several years, but it’s finally here.

Here is the dilemma I have been grappling with: Is it better to refinance your rental property or sale them outright to get cash up? I talk you through my thinking on the subject in my current situation as well as a deal I just closed.

When I first began my real estate career over 20 years ago, I did not want to sell anything. I refinanced everything!

Now I feel a little bit differently. In the current economic environment, instead of being stressed out and worried like I was in the previous recession, I feel at peace. That wasn’t the case the last time the world went really mad, in the great recession. Back then, I did not feel comfortable. In fact I literally worried myself sick.

I talk to you through my thought process, as well as give you some details on the sale of 3 of my houses right after the worst quarter the stock market has ever seen.

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Let the fun begin!


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