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Mortgage Broker explains lending changes & Credit requirements

Today we’ll get new and updated information about changes in the National lending landscape. Jeremy Harridath is a full time Mortgage Broker and has done over 100 loans in the last year. Since the Coronavirus hit, our economy is uncertain so I wanted Jeremy to tell us how lending guidelines are changing. Us real estate investors sometimes get blinded about raising private money and using hard money to BUY. But after we fix up the house, we then have to sell to a traditional buyer that has to qualify for a loan to cash us out.
Join us at to hear what this Mortgage Broker is saying not only about the change in borrowing qualifications, but what he thinks about our real estate market now and where he sees it in the future… See you soon.



  1. I’m a quarter the way through but I gotta thank you for asking “dumb it” down questions, it’s making a huge difference for me being able to comprehend it

  2. Excellent, excellent, EXCELLENT broadcast! This was so thorough and informative on several different levels, and as a new homeowner I found this all very useful! Oh, and I will be paying my motrgage! 😄😄😄 If you can, why would you not? And special thanks for the deliberate breakdown requests, Kris! You can never be too clear!

  3. amazing video keep it up bro

  4. awesome content keep it up bro


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