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Can You Buy Multiple Properties with One Deposit? || Buy Refurb Refinance Rent (BRRR)

In this video I discuss the theory of the Buy Refurbish Refinance Rent investment strategy – I actually learnt this strategy of a Samuel Leeds YouTube videos and executed it (video to come). This video gives you a clear explanation of how this works so you can try for yourself !!

Check out the video below where I discuss how I bought FOUR HOUSES IN FOUR YEARS


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  1. Loved this video!! I am also an aspiring property investor and I am 18 with 10k of my own money that I have been saving for a bit to invest and have found a deal up in Darlington too, as I used Samuel Leeds as a case study in his BRRR video. I also have a private investor with 1 million in liquid funds to invest so it would be great to show him what I can do with much less money so that I can bring him bigger deals and start building a refurb business together. Just to note I am a project manager so I have the analytical and and business skills/knowledge, where as he is a builder by trade, so there is a lot of opportunity and synergy for us to grow a business.

  2. You are so clear! Thanks for sharing all this knowledge, it’s very helpful.

  3. Your style of presenting >>>>

  4. Yo bro, what is the process of lease extension? is it just a case of getting the freeholder to name their extension price? or is it more difficult than that?
    loving the vids

  5. great video!! honest opinion and views too! See you at the top!

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  8. great info, really bringing us in

  9. This is great bro. Thanks for the info 👌🏾

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