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Sole-proprietor Paycheck Protection SBA Loan – FREE Calculator

Download the free Self-employed, Contractor and Sole-proprietor Paycheck Protection SBA Loan calculator:

To download an editable version, click File and Make a Copy in Google Sheets.

Download the PPP application from the Treasury:

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  1. First of all, thanks for the video. For question #4, how do you think they want us to answer if we only take the advance and not the full EIDL loan?

  2. My husband is a sole proprietor and I also work.We prepare our taxes jointly, and this year we got tax credits. Will this affect the PPP loan to be forgiven? Thank you

  3. hi, if the business is LLC that have only subcontractor which I know that it 1099 paid cannot use to calculate the average monthly payroll, can my business apply for PPP forgiveness on the part of my net income as my income? As for my income it flow in as schedule K-1 and I pay SE taxes on that. So do I use that business income on the Schedule K1 to apply for the PPP under self-employed?

  4. @bryan nguyen Are you sure it is gross income? I am hearing now that it is net. However I have not seen anything from the SBA regarding this, just another CPA and a few online articles using only net.

  5. Thanks for the info. Very helpful

  6. This is well explained, and good job providing downloadable resources. It’s challenging to make video resources given how the SBA website changes a little bit each day as they launch this program.

  7. I drive for Uber. Do I put my gross where it says average monthly payroll? My expenses are gas, maintenance, car insurance, car loan payments, and registration

  8. How do you download the spreadsheet?

  9. nice video keep it up bro


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