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  1. It’s too bad the housing market in Florida sucks for buyers right now. Even with corona houses are going under contract in under 3 days… I’m currently under contract for purchase of a home but the Seller actually works for the title company (weird) and they are concerned about non-local lenders (dumb). So I’m stuck with this 3.6 rate… I even called yesterday and they told me the rate hasn’t moved… the appraisal report should be coming in soon and they better hope it appraised! Even though I can’t work with you, I’m and avid listener. I suggest everyone give Dan the first shot that way you don’t face a dilemma like I am!!

  2. Do you offer “One-time” close construction perm loan?

  3. Hey Dan, so if someone wanted 2.75% now, they would need to pay $6413 fee to get that rate?

  4. Hey Dan great video and content once again. Great job 👍. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Hoping for some good news !

  5. Hello Dan, I just got quoted from our local Mortgage guy a 3.250% with a credit back of $842, same specs as the ones you showed on this video. Just FYI his located in Southern California. Thanks

  6. Hey Dan I watch all your videos, I have been waiting on the sidelines hoping to be able to buy a home soon. The only thing holding me back is a student loan rehabilitation program with the department of Ed. My last payment is April 11th. My question to you is can I apply for a loan using a letter from the USDOE showing I am current on my student loans? I am a veteran with good income low debt

  7. Dan, I live in southern California. Are license to do mortgage refi's there? Thank you, Tony.

  8. Dan, I didn’t know lenders had the power to adjust rates themselves.
    Everyone’s worried about what in the economy will effect mortgage rates and then by the click of a mouse you guys (lenders) are just able to raise them.
    Can you elaborate on that?

  9. Dan. I just got quoted at 30 year 2.75% last week for a Section 184 loan. I don’t have an accepted offer yet so I cannot lock, but wow that is low.


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