Mortgage Loan

How coronavirus seems to be splitting the mortgage market

CNBC’s Diana Olick reports on the latest weekly mortgage applications data.

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  1. I'm liking all these 6 months grace period on different types of loan during the crisis. Its lenient but not too lenient.

  2. Did she say in home appraisals???

  3. Extremely disturbing !

  4. Debt navigational aid.


  5. Love the tree, signs of spring. Take Heed

  6. in the midst of a global pandemic bringing misery, suffering, and death the world over…there are those who would profit on the misfortune of others.

  7. So let's say I'm an appraiser. And I'm supposed to appraise a duplex or income property whether the borrower is going to live in one of the units or not. I would slash the value significantly because people are likely to change spending time at home. There is a certain cult that is being disrupted. Having all the adults in homes are all the adults and adolescents selling their time is a new fad that maybe has a bubble that has I would say thankfully burst now. Before women worked outside of the home they had a kind of moral framework. Without the absence of income 4/2 are adults we have had a reduction in moral Merit mattering. This has resulted in high profits for landlords. Has Society evolved to caring about the value of your Investments versus how much you get for selling your time, rental income should reasonably B dropping precipitously. We see this with legislators talking about rental forgiveness. Unenforceability of unpaid rent. We know now that living in the city, has not only been irrational due to the nanoparticles that one in health causing all kinds of health problems oh, now we are seeing the virus, being similar to nanoparticle pollution, with exception being that it kills you in days or weeks instead of years. The good news is that many people might be saved but they are relatively worthless compared to those that are being lost.

    Let me be most clear as I conclude. Get your Elder home. If you leave a grandparent or parent in a nursing home when you're staying at home oh, they are going to be killed. This is not complicated. They may already be infected. If you bring them home you will protect the other residence who they would have likely lethally infected if you did not bring them home. Most likely you will be safe even if your family dies at home. I have not seen journalism covering the duty of family to bring family home so that far fewer die. Especially among the family that I brought home. Most of the people that are presently concentrated in nursing homes are going to be fine if and only if they are brought home. These nursing homes are becoming death Chambers. We are much like the German population right now who did almost nothing to protect millions of Jews. Except it's not other people that we are in the collecting to spare it's our own family. Seniors being concentrated is the ultimate concentration camp during this pandemic. The virus is freeing up ventilators and literally asparagus the cost for decades per victim of three Hots and a cot in the shared room. Is your goal sparing taxpayers the cost of providing minimal housing to your uncle your grandma your dad? If not bring them home today.

  8. This is ridiculous. It’s probably down 90%!

  9. At least there is still a housing market.

  10. cool content bro


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