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  1. I paid off my student loans in the early 2000 Range and they are no longer on my credit report showing good payment history.

  2. Currently the only negative items on my credit reports are my default student loans. I am currently in the process of both disputing those old closed default accounts AND going through a rehabilitation which is supposed to remove the default, but not all the late payments. My understanding is that they will show back up as new accounts with the loan servicer. Basically I am trying to get the closed late payment accounts removed and establish new accounts in good standing. And then work on paying them off. Does this sound like a solid plan?

  3. Really? Because when I applied for an Amex, they said my student loans were too high… 🤔

  4. Student loans is what is killing my score, got them in deference for now but whew when they report late payments that hurts lol

  5. Jobs look at your student loans. You can buy a house off the grid.

  6. I think 850 credit score is joke I have been bouncing between 827 and 832 for years no late payments paid loans off early debt free since 2009 still can't reach 850 pay debt off end of month

  7. Calvin good morning.

  8. Great info

  9. Good morning young Lion thanks for always sharing great information.


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