Housing Bubble 2.0 – US Housing Market Coronavirus Impact Update

Housing Bubble – Housing Bubble 2.0 – Housing Bubble 2020
Housing Crash – Real Estate Bubble 2.0 – Home Prices
Housing Correction – Market Shift – Foreclosures – Short Sales
2020 Housing Market – 2020 Real Estate Market
Housing Bubble Burst – Economic Collapse 2020
Housing Market Crash – Will The Market Crash in 2020
Housing Crisis – Real Estate Market – Real Estate News
Recession – Mortgage Rates – Real Estate Investing
Pre-Foreclosures – Realtor – Housing Market 2020
Buying A House – Housing Crash 2020
Real Estate Investing – Real Estate Investing 101
Investing with No Money Down – Case Shiller Home Price Index
Coronavirus – COVID-19 – Black Swan Event

Today is March 21st 2020 and Randy will discuss the following topics:

US Existing Housing Report – Feb 2020
New Home Sales – Feb 2020
Home Sales Could Fall 35%
iBuyers Suspending Operations
ReFinance Records
Rents Outpacing Inflation


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  1. There is so much going on in the US Housing Market right now. The virus is causing a number of disruptions that will ultimately affect the Housing Market. People are becoming locked down and their income will suffer. Many industries also have major slowdowns. All of this will contribute to finally bring Housing over the edge and into another recession.
    Will 2020 be the year that the market finally implodes ?If you are not looking at this huge opportunity to either invest in Real Estate or purchase a Distressed Property at discount prices for your primary residence, you should seriously consider doing this. Short Sales are Foreclosures have proven to be much more inexpensive in price – yes they may come with some challenges – however the discounts outweigh the issues. For more information on how to learn these techniques, please contact me via email at: ( As I also mentioned, I am getting access to many more properties for buy and hold, fix and flip and multi-family as well. Reach out to me if you have any interest in investing in my area. I have set up my turn key investment opportunity. email me to get more info.

  2. The yellow vests and pitchforks are coming for the greedy and rich.

  3. My sister lives a a NC beach island. Mostly rentals, but the town closed down rentals. Now the owners are coming in from their towns/cities 3-14 hours away to work from their "rental homes". My sister she's worried it is going to overwhelm the areas hospitals as it is not a developed area.

  4. Hi Florida sellers 🖕
    Our turn now. And pay my closing costs

  5. Even if anybody in the market to buy they should take full advantage and not to buy @ this very moment. They drop the interest rate, but inflate the prices of home which make absolutely no sense. I would much ratter a higher interest rate but with a reasonable price tag… If we stay off the market long enough. I will assure/guarantee you that they have no choice but to drop price tags of homes where they should be. It's so ridiculous out there! You got 800 sqft homes price tag @ just abt half million dollar. You walk in the house shit look like something you should be paying no more then $50k for… Greedy banks, and greedy investors. and these investors out here today makes it even worst, because all they care abut is to maximizing they pocket by rapping the public with these ridiculous prices… Government need to regulate and ban investors from buying residential houses and prioritize primary resident buyers… I recommend to the public not to buy until we see not just rate dropping, but prices decease as well…..

  6. Very Good job.. thank you for your Service

  7. I hate real estate people. As far as I’m concerned they are the new car salesman.
    Hustlers is all they are. They drive around dressed up and try to pretend that they are legitimate business people.
    They are hustlers.

  8. The banksters never loose. The money that people borrow to buy houses never exist in the first place, it's just digits in a computer, It's called fiat money(The illusion of money), that's why house prices are ballooned all the way to the moon.

  9. The banksters never loose. The money that people borrowed to buy their houses never existed in the first place, it's just digits in a computer, It's called fiat money.

  10. A market crash will bring homes prices to their true value. Wall street scammers are now in panic.😥

  11. Damn Randy over 10k in views great job.

    When it's said and done this will be a watch out snowball rolling down hill scenario? If the Airbnb owners are smart. They'd be reaching out to all the on call traveling nurses and stranded international students.

  12. First time buying a home. Closing is in April should I move forward?

  13. Here in Cali… This market is about to make a major retrenchment, probably starting in the next two months.

  14. I heard commercial paper is in serious trouble, not much to do with the virus, was already known long ago

  15. Bring on the housing down , too expensive. I called it 3 years ago that this economy was going to crash and everyone thought I was crazy .

  16. I don't agree with Government interference in Price controls. Why Say afdter a huricane someone willing to do the work take the Time Risk and Work to TRAVEL TO AN AREA WHERE PEOPLE NEED SOMETHING . THEY NEED DUE COMPENSATION. Say they are selling gallons of water. They paid $1 dollar a Gallon and Ask $5 or even $6 dollars a Gallon. Well the people that need the SERVICE Are happy to have the GIVEN PRODUCT. And the Seller Accomplishes His Goal Took a Risk and Profited a Little after Logistics,Money spent and Labor etc.

  17. What about this scenario:
    Lock gown will be over by the first week of April, people will get back to Work by the middle of April, the economy will recover within 3-4 months, real estate prices Will be temporarily lower for 3-4 month, housing prices will go up again towards the end of summer ( as the problem of supply is not resolved yet). I think it is the most reasonable scenario

  18. Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the great doctors, and all the great men…could not put Humpty together again! Oh my, oh my. A simple nursery rhyme with such profound meaning.

  19. I noticed some listings dropping their prices by 10% a couple days ago. Just a few however. Today I noticed that nearly every listing has a $1000-3000 price reduction. Any fool can see whats coming very soon. 10% will come right off the top within the next 2 weeks. Beyond that will depend on how quickly we get through this pandemic and to what depth the oncoming and inevitable recession goes. We could easily see an additional 10% shedding over the next few months. Thats bad enough, but it could easily be much worse than that.

  20. TY Randy. Hello Bubble Kitty😻

  21. This is Randy Patrick with Pollen 2.0

  22. The feds and state have already demonstrated a willingness to interfere with what has already been set in motion, especially in cyclical markets (NY and CA I'm looking at you). In 6 – 12 months house prices will drop like a rock.

  23. Nice to see you in good health. Thanx for sharing your knowledge.

  24. 💯💯💯💯👍🏾❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Realtors are not even showing lol this will crash !

  26. Everything Bubble has officially exploded. Thank you for playing.

  27. Coronavirus is nothing but a b***** scam. It's a scapegoat. Our founding fathers warned us of the evils of Central Banking. Half the world's on b*******. Fiat currencies. No country can print their way to Prosperity.We're going to find that out. The hard way.

  28. seems like the mortgage freeze is a ticking time bomb alot of ppl being decimated as we speak…once the bills resume they wont be able to afford the lifestyle they were once used to

  29. Folks need to research Japanese housing market

  30. Lots of houses for sale in my county but way overpriced most have been on the market for a while no jobs no housing market and definitely no new homes being built

  31. I have to play this video at 75% speed… Randy Motormouth they call him in these here parts. Besides, watching you talk slower makes it sound like you're high, which is funny and informative at the same time.
    You gotta laugh to keep sane. I got an email from my mortgage bank, they are postponing 90 days of mortgage payments, 3 Months! No fees, no interest accumulation etc…

  32. Air bnb is HORRIBLE. I tried them this last August= one of the WORST experiences EVER for me. NEVER EVER EVER EVER again. I wish them nothing positive.
    This virus thing is an excuse for resets in many markets. If you sold short DIA a month or so ago, you''re sitting pretty now.


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