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Advice to brokers mortgage brokers for 2020 (Pet Peeves?!)

Are you a mortgage broker who originates Jumbo non-QM loans? Would you like for the mortgage process to go smoother–for yourself and your borrower? In this highlight of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, Jon Maddux speaks with Austin West and Alexander Inda about the advice they’d give mortgage brokers for 2020.

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In this episode of the Million Dollar Mortgage Experience, Jon Maddux sits down with FundLoans’ top 2 Account Executives and SEC members, Alexander Inda and Austin West.

The three speak about what happened in 2019, how mortgage brokers can succeed in 2020, what type of mortgage products they’d like to see next and much more.

The Million Dollar Mortgage Experience is the premier podcast for mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals aimed at giving away tricks, tips, and secrets to help you originate mortgage jumbo loans.
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Host: Jon Maddux – CEO/Co-Founder of FundLoans Jon Maddux has been in the mortgage/finance industry for over several decades and has been featured in publications such as Forbes Names You Need to Know, The Wallstreet Journal, and more. There are few professionals that possess as much knowledge and experience in non-QM as Jon Maddux.
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FundLoans is a Jumbo/Super Jumbo wholesale mortgage lender that specializes in non-QM lending (in fact, it’s ALL we do). If you are a mortgage broker who is interested in learning more about our products, you may contact us at
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*This podcast is intended to aid mortgage professionals*

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