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How the Corona Virus is affecting Real Estate & Mortgage Rates How I Got Started in New Construction

A day in the life of a new home sales person episode 13. I talk about a lot of different things in this video like The apocalypse aka the state of the market. How the corona virus is affecting real estate, these crazy swings in mortgage rates, & how I got my start in real estate and more specifically the New Home Construction industry.
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If you’re a new home construction salesperson, I want to hear from you. Please comment below & tell me where you’re from.

The timing of corona virus for me hasn’t been that bad. I actually sold out my community a few weeks ago. In the new home construction industry as a salesperson you’re going to have times where the builder doesn’t have a community. You could go months without a community so you’ve got to learn how to save your money.
The real estate market in Utah continues to move. Why? Because people NEED HOMES! Usually when things like the Corona virus or other natural disasters happen, those who are aggressive or ready gain an advantage over those who panic or are afraid.

the We all make mistakes, Don’t let them define you.
In this crazy market/world we live in you’ve got to learn how to save your money. Don’t go buy an expensive car.
Help people. It will just make your life richer.
Ask me questions. I want to help you, especially in you’re in the new home construction industry or considering a career in new home sales.
How I quickly became a successful new home sales person. First, just get to work & don’t be intimidated by others. This includes yourself. You have to ask for the sale & you have to follow up. Research shows the most people need to be followed up with 7-8 times before they buy a home. If you want to be a top performer, you NEED to follow up with people. To shorten the learning curve walk through as many homes your employer builds as possible to make sure you know the product. Make taking care of people your #1 priority. If you’re main goal is to help people, they will be able to sense it. I can smell a money hungry salesperson from a mile away & they stink.



  1. ty, i get so much value from your education, thanj you

  2. Good Job been following u get my first new house soon in California 👍🏻 in summer

  3. Hey Ty
    Love backstorys, really inspiring to a person in a similar position, wasting years.
    Full commision roles seem scary, what's your experience with this?

  4. very underrated channel. I hope you reach 10k!

  5. Good video Ty – very inspiring to hear your story.

    Two questions – why do you think the rates won’t go back into the 3’s? Do you foresee a ton of activity in the near future? (i.e. two months) the news in the real state industry don’t seem to promising for the rates to stay up.
    Question # 2 – have you heard anything specific with regards to Texas ?

    Thank you much!!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!

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