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What Are Recession Mortgage Relief Programs?

The recession mortgage relief programs may not be in your best interest. That’s because there’s a lot of fine print they don’t outwardly tell you. Mortgage relief, also known as mortgage forbearance is usually reserved for folks who are having financial hardship, typically from an illness, hospitalization or being unemployed. In light of the current circumstances, banks across the country have announced a mortgage relief program for borrowers who fall into that category.

But be weary because there is no such thing as a free lunch and banks will always want their money and to make a profit. A lot of the “fluff” and public messages you’re seeing from companies right now is a PR move and trying to save face as this whole country “shutdown” is in place.

Here are the top 5 things you must consider and ask your lender before considering any mortgage relief program:

1. How will this impact your credit score?
2. How much do you still have to pay each month?
3. Will your interest continue to accrue? (Almost a guaranteed yes)
4. How do the program require you to pay back the relief months? Lump sum? New monthly payment?
5. Do you have to restructure existing loan? Down payment? Closing costs? Additional fees?

Right now is a tough time for millions of people. Finances can be challenging to come by at the moment. So if you’re in the group, instead of potentially putting your home at risk consider doing a mortgage relief program as you get your financial feet back underneath you. But be prepared for the hit.

Everyone else looking to take advantage of this program, understand that you’ll have to prove you have fallen unto financial hardship.

Stay clean, folks!

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  1. I have.a car loan through ally and mortgage with Huntington. My hours were reduced and It would be nice to stack my funds and just add on more months to the loan.

    .If I plan on refinancing my car loan in a month or two, is it a good idea to take advantage of the financial hardship program. I also dont want my payments to be more if I do either one..hmm decisions.

  2. If I take the 3 months of paused payments to be paid in a lump sum on the 4th month and I'm told this isn't reported to credit companies as being late payments how or does this effect my credit score? What effects the credit score? Might need to do this due to loss of rental income. Does loan modification effect credit score?
    Working with Me. Cooper servicing loan and reviews say I can't trust what they tell me.

  3. Hey what's up Kai, digging the content you're providing. By chance do you buy silver and gold? If so do you have any videos on this? Thanks

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  5. Don't have a mortgage but very interesting info! 👍

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