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What's Going On With Mortgage Rates Is It Safe To Buy?

Hey everyone! In this video – I answer a couple text messages about the current status of Mortgage Rates and If this is a good time to own a home… It’s the most common question we get amid the Coronavirus pandemic; ‘ “Is it even safe to Buy?”

And to answer that in a short form- Y E S 🎉 Its still an amazing time to own. Mortgage rates are still Historically Low.

Don’t let a volatile market deter you from the facts.

📚 Fact: Only 5% of your monthly payment is influenced by a Mortgage Rate

📚 Fact: Over 40% of your monthly payment is based upon your Down Payment Strategy

📚 Fact: A mortgage is Debt- and If you can offload your other debts BEFORE you get into the home of your dreams. You’ll have stronger cash flow and could even qualify for a Higher loan amount.

📚 Fact: Virtual Tours are heavily used even before the Pandemic took stronghold of the world.

In other words- While everyone is hunkering down. Home values are still increasing and with rates fluctuating as mucha s they are, but one thing is for sure…You can sit and wait- and I promise that home you are looking at today will be more expensive in 6-12 months.

Homes are still appreciating 3-5% Nationally and even Higher in the Lake Nona Markets.

Take advantage of the market if it permits you too.

I’m here to help!

🖊Michael Anthony St.Claire, MLO⠀

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  1. I hope everyone stays safe during these trying times…. I'm here to help answer anything Home Buying related. Please don't let fear make you stop pursuing your life and family goals.

    Thanks for watching!

  2. So I am under contract I purchased a new construction home. my estimate moving day is The middle of may. I had a rate of 3.25 be for rate went up so last time I talk to my lender he was giving me a rate of about 4 . I regret not locking at the time. I really don’t know what to do now i’m just hoping rates can go back down before my home is ready. What advice can you give me ??

  3. cool video you deserve more views


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