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The Pandemic & Your Money | Pausing 401k Contributions | Refinancing Homes + Government Checks?

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  1. Have a money question you want answered? Drop it below! What are your thoughts about these government checks that might be sent out to taxpayers in the next few weeks? 🤔

  2. I got laid off from my job of over 8 years. I thank God we have an EF. I've been beefing it up since the beginning of March after my coworker was fired. so now we have almost 6 months of EF. 🥰 We also budget a month ahead so April is fully funded too🙏🏾

  3. How are you dealing with homeschooling?

  4. I work in a Pharmacy 🙏🏽

  5. Thanks Nicole. Your thoughts on making a battle plan for worst worst case scenarios would be nice

  6. Yes! My grocery budget for March was shot!! I am going to up it $100 more for April.

  7. Thanks for addressing retirement contributions. I will try to continue making contributions for now. If the shutdown goes past April or impacts my hours, I will pause my 401k then. Regarding the government giving us money, I'm hopeful that it is given to all taxpayers. I will put the money into savings.

  8. Thanks for answering my question! 💕

  9. Submit your application while the rate is low because they have to give you the rate you came in on. I work for a bank😍😍😍

  10. I am wondering if the government sends us stimulus checks if we'll have to pay taxes on it next year

  11. This month has also took me over budget, I didn’t need basic cleaning or paper products. I had to spend more on food, just making sure we have enough to cover should we be in the house stuck…….I agree I’m not spending money on anything that isn’t a need. I’m instead cleaning my home, organizing closets, and staying healthy.

  12. I read that only certain households would be eligible for the money. Meaning, I wouldn't receive it. I work for the state and I am not at risk to lose my job. Also, I thought it was just me–my grocery budget was thrown off. I didn''t stock pile on meat but did buy some oils and supplements that I didn't want to run out of and that gets expensive. Thank you for this video. Take care.

  13. I agree this is not the time to spend Save as much as you can when we do get to the other side of this America and the World will never be the same it will be a slow climb back

  14. Walk us through day 0 of loosing ur job. Many r scared n lacking faith. This will turn around but maybe food home resources for these ppl that r loosing their jobs. Also for ppl who still have a job what should they do today. Also the importance of supporting the church. Local churches r pillars in the community.

    Also what companies r hiring today?

  15. Pausing your retirement fund contributions does not necessarily give you more take home pay. You have to look at your exemption status/number of exemptions set as well, correct? If not, that money could be absorbed in an increased tax rate.

  16. I think the government giving out money is a bad idea. I know many people need it but I think it will devalue the dollar and cause inflation. There is a restaurant here in town that is no longer accepting cash or checks. It is credit/debit cards only. The restaurants are also only carry-out and delivery now.

  17. I am okay with the government assisting Americans who have lost income due to this health crisis. But quite often when they do assist, you end up paying it back during tax season. Also, I have suspended my debt snowball and refocused on building my emergency fund until this have subsided.

    Also, please note some banks are putting daily limits on cash withdrawal. Navy FCU put a $1k limit when I went in for a withdrawal. Therefore, I would recommend keeping some cash at home for an immediate emergency because if you go to the bank you may not be able to withdrawal what you need or perhaps not be able to withdrawal at all.

    P.S. I blew my grocery budget too filling my frig and deep freezer. ☺️

  18. It’s so comforting to hear your advice during this pandemic! Thank you!

  19. If your cash flow hasn't taken a hit ? Then by all means keep your 401k going , you will recover quicker with purchasing shares at a big discount and when the market comes back and it will you will be better off for it !

  20. I am able to do telemedicine from home so I should get a paycheck as long as payroll continues to get processed.🤞🏾 Thanks to you and the debt free community I do have an emergency fund just in case. Also keeping everyone in my prayers for strength to endure.🙏🏽

  21. Hello, I just want to thank u so much for providing great financial answers.

  22. Love the info your providing, thank you. 🇯🇲

  23. This is an observation. Regardless of your employment status during this time understand that this is a reset on life. Whether its money,goals, self love etc. Take this time out to assess everything and not just lounge around.

  24. Our grocery budget has been blown and I just keep telling myself it’s okay for now considering the circumstances.

  25. What do you suggest for a person like myself who has no idea about stock invest in? I am totally clueless, thanks in advance.

  26. Same here. Spent all money from grocery cash envelopes and have been using credit cards but will pay off before end of month. We don't need to shop anymore for 2 weeks. I believe with all that the government is doing now, we will pay for it in some way shape or form in the near future. We are talking potentially trillions of dollars govt may borrow/spend.

  27. Hi Nicole! If those checks come in, how do you recommend people spend it? Should we just put the majority into our emergency funds if its depleted or low? I am still working from home and I have an emergency fund, but I really would like more cushion just in case. Just concerned that that the money in savings may not keep up with inflation. Thanks!

  28. I appreciate your candor and transparency.
    Thank you very much.
    Please take good care.

  29. Hi Nicole


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