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Mortgage Rate Update – Fed Buying Unlimited MBS

Howdy, yall! This is Austin coming to you from the makeshift home studio in my garage 💪😅 Whatever it takes!! The Fed is now buying “unlimited” mortgage-backed securities. What does that mean for mortgage rates? Check out our video and find out! #BonckandBakerMortgage



  1. My lender seems to be favoring Freddie Mac’s 3% down program. The rates have been fluctuating between 3.98 to 3.5. Im hoping i could get a 3.125 and buy down further. Maybe I’m being too risky? It’s 35 days until my closing date. Not sure if I should lock in at 50 or 35… so many thoughts

  2. Rates are 3 right now for good credit?

  3. nice content keep it up


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