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COVID 19 and mortgages! What will happen to home Loans in 2020? Mortgages

CORVID 19 – Mortgage – Home Loans – What will happen to home loans in 2020? Will I be able to get a loan now? Will it get tougher to qualify for a home loan? Should I buy a home now? What happens if i am borderline on qualifications now – what will happen later? Obtaining a mortgage will change quickly. Mortgage

Will an FHA loan become harder to obtain? Vill VA still be available? Will FNMA and Freddie Mac ease guidelines for home loan qualifying or will it get easier?

We expect a credit tightening meaning it will become harder to qualify. A higher Credit score, as well as lower debt ratios, are the two most important aspects of a lender raising their level of safety.

With all the uncertainty revolving around the CoVID 19 dilemma, many are unsure of whether to buy a home now or wait. It certainly depends on so many factors that can’t all be covered in a video!

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FHA Loan guidelines for FHA mortgage loans are the same in California and nationally.

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