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Should You Refinance Your Car?




  1. If I were to buy a car, i would want a used, four cylinder vehicle and pay it in full in cash so I won't have to deal with any financial problems.

  2. The value of a vehicle is really the amount at which it can be sold for. If people refuse to pay KBB amount for a vehicle due to job return uncertainty relating to the virus, then you can kiss goodbye the private resale value given by KBB. And you'll really be crying when you realize Carmax and all local dealerships know that no private parties are buying your vehicle!

  3. I often hear people state they're upside-down on their newer vehicle by X amount of dollars. But it is very rare to hear someone state the balance on their newer vehicle is less than what the car is valued at.
    Translation: all of these people are getting tricked by the time pen hits paper at the dealership. SCAM ALERT!


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