Refinancing Our Home Now | How Coronavirus is Affecting Our Finances

How Coronavirus is Affecting Our Finances | Refinancing Our Home. Today I share how our budget will change, refinancing our house in this uncertain time and about our investments.

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Our Story: We are a young family of four that went from living on food stamps, in debt not able to make our monthly bills to becoming debt free, finally having an emergency fund and buying a house in just 4yrs all while on one income, thanks to Dave Ramsey’s zero-based budget/ cashflow planning and his 7 baby steps. Now we are working on Investing, Paying Off Our Home Early and enjoying our wins by celebrating with cruise travel. Our journey to financial freedom is far from over! Learn from our wins and fails and join us for monthly progress reports in the form of budget report, goals report, and networth reports. Celebrate with us in our cruise vlogs.



  1. I'm currently working telework 100%. Don't forget they are also working on passing a bill to delay mortgage and rent payment during this event. I hope this does pass. In regards to investing keep going if you have time to recover. You will make out big. Correct. Economic recession occur every 10-12 years. Etf and Mutual funds are on sale. Individual stocks are a different story must do your homework to ensure companies are solvent. I'm watching low risk individual stock prices for certain price points for purchasing. The mortgage rate is great saving 3%. We did the same in the past and paid off our mortgage in 10 years as well. Keep on moving ahead. We are debt free and are in a good position. Hope all works out for your family and everyone affected by this event. Stay safe and healthy as well.

  2. Hi there! watching from Slovakia (Europe), working in telco business and thankfully I can work from home. Situation is unreal, shelter @ home for 2 weeks now. Stay safe!

  3. I’m watching from Mesa Az. And I love watching a fellow Arizona. It reminds me that we are not in this alone ❤️

  4. Watching outside of Philly…I'm a nurse so not much has changed for me financially speaking which is a real blessing. Life is a bit surreal at the moment if I'm being honest, as life goes on as normal for me, as most of my family and friends and the rest of the world work from home or are laid off. Trying to hope for the best but I am feeling quite nervous about what's to come. Thank you for the distraction!

  5. 😷 Stay safe.

  6. Also, I’m in the midwest 🙂

  7. Love this! I am working from home for awhile now. I actually work in the mortgage industry- so not only do I have a job I can work from home, but it’s BUSY! Lol

  8. watching from PA…still working my full time job from home, part time job closed (restaurant) and I paused my roth IRA contributions just until things calm down so I can use that money in case I lose more income.


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