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Federal Reserve Rate Cut and its impact on Nashville Mortgage Rates

The Federal Reserve cut interest rates to near 0% on Sunday March 15th, 2020 as a result of continued economic struggles from the CoronaVirus Covid 19. What is the impact on Nashville Mortgage Rates?
Many homeowners immediately assumed or wanted to know if that meant mortgage rates were also cut and went lower. I got numerous calls asking just this question… or is it a good time to refinance…
This video, like other videos I have recently done as recently as a week ago regarding the corona virus and its impact on real estate investments ( is intended to help you better understand all the factors that impact housing prices and cost of financing for homeowners and investors alike in Nashville.
Interestingly enough as of the time of this video, rates are still not as good as they were just two weeks ago and we’ve had two consecutive rate cuts by the FED.

What/Who does the Federal Funds rate directly impact?
What should you see a change in as a direct result of the Fed Rate cut?
What more directly influences mortgage rates and how can you take advantage of rate drops now?
These and other questions are answered here in this video.
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