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DSP Tries It- Reaffirming To The Courts He Makes -35 A Month(Still A Lie)

Wow. DSP is doubling down on his lies and perjury. Reaffirming to Toyota he will continue to pay for the car he doesn’t drive. Making sure to claim he only makes 5,077 a month but spends 5,122 a month…
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  1. He could be using his waifu to make up the $800-900 difference!! lol

  2. phil spends 20k on his debt.
    o that must be his car.
    toyota: we never received any payment.
    then what the fuck was the 20k towards??? his condo?

  3. doesnt he make 20.000 a month?
    ive seen it mined a few times. sometimes 22k. sometimes 24k.
    but in average 20k how he claims 5k is hilarious.
    phil is like the perfect tax evader. even people who sell drugs can cover their ass better.

  4. $5000.00 monthly expenses ?! Is he buying raw blood diamonds to resell ?!

  5. If only there was video proof or patreon history to prove definitively that he is lying.
    oh man. if only….

  6. tbh, i wouldnt dunk on him cause of the writing. that might be his lawyer or the pen is odd. There are cases in which your documents are written via CD pen on laminated plastic or something…

  7. God i hope this bum gets raped from all his money and losses everything.

  8. The due date is almost here, the hype is real

  9. I…

    Don’t even know what to say. He is a fucking loon that apparently has no reference level when it comes to reality.

  10. Phillip has a worse tax attorney than Rocky Balboa at the start of Rocky 5.

  11. If Phil reaffirmed the previous documentation, then he's fvcked.

  12. I wonder what he gonna do when they ask for receipts. He is such a stubborn fucking liar.

  13. Imagine knowing the audio recording of this will be released to the public and he wont be able to lie unless he risks goes to jail or have the case thrown out…or tell the truth and have to come back to stream and explain why he's been lying.

    Can't say things are taken outta context..its an audio recording…this is gonna be the end for him

  14. Wow somehow he's writing is even worst then my

  15. can't to hear that judge saw through all of his bs and either threw him in prison or ruined his "career".

  16. Was your chair making a WingsofRedemption reference?

  17. Probably thought about the car the same way as the condo.

    Don't need to pay for it, if you never use it, right?

  18. He makes over $200 a day in tips, 6 days a week, 4 weeks in a month thats $5400 alone, thats being nice he prob makes more than that, this greedy prick is lying all over the place, pure greezy slimeball.

  19. I think the bankruptcy was his plan all along. Rake up half his living expenses and luxuries on credit. Then hope to god it gets wiped. Then live it up as a Twitch streamer fan funded welfare bum. If he keeps the Wacondo and car he will never learn. And the paypigs will easy payoff the remaining balances in the 10yrs without credit cards.

  20. Maybe his signature is Oinknell lol

  21. If the creditors and the judge STILL gives DebtorSydePhil an easy pass on his chapter 7 filing, It means those people are stupid. Its so obvious that the whole thing he put there is wrong and inaccurate, shady and really REALLY raises red flags there and SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED THOROUGHLY. Unless, Twitch is protecting their clown mascot, oh Im sorry, a "Mature Adult" person. Who happens to act like a clown and can't even distinguish what's real and what's not.

  22. Does DSP this complete idiot not realise he has to prove these expenses are accurate? The court will probably verify his expenses for him. It will take them 2 seconds to know he's lying. DSP thinks he can lie to the government like he lies to his fans. I think he will get put in jail for this.

  23. I thought my handwriting was bad but phil’s is atrocious. If I may say that. Mind you my handwriting’s huge.

  24. I hope they question Phil over this.

  25. According to LSB, the corolla’s overdue an oil change. Phil hasn’t done that.

  26. He only signed half of his full name?


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