Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates – are they going up or down?

Mortgage rates fluctuate on a daily basis for the better or the worse. Until you lock your rate, the rate you got quoted this morning, yesterday, last week, last month, can be very much different at the end of the day.

Historically speaking, mortgage rates remain in the historically low bracket of all time lows.

Remember, in times like this, when your mortgage rate works well for your situation, due to the volatility in the market right now, its best to lock it in. you have a lot more to lose than you do to gain in times like these.

i hope this video brings you some value and education!





  1. Yep mine went from application 3.6 in feb to 4.6% today in contract! Irritating 😠

  2. What are rates now for 700 score


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