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Mortgage Refinance Calculator: Spreadsheet Download

Want to know if refinancing mortgage is worth it? Use my mortgage refinance calculator to determine the cost paying a mortgage over a 30 year period.
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This spreadsheet download includes mortgage payments, extra payments, mortgage interest, and escrow which includes mortgage insurance, property tax and property insurance. This month by month mortgage refinance calculator allows variable data entry over time. It will help determine the total monthly payments made when searching for a new mortgage. It is formatted to calculate both Canadian and American fixed rate mortgage payments for up to a 30 year terms.

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  1. 💰 Follow all of my trades and get Monthly Spreadsheets:
    📈 Purchase Custom Spreadsheets:
    Get TWO Free Stocks with Webull:

  2. Would you buy a house right now? Honest answer please?

  3. Hi Levi. I purchased the spreadsheet but it appears to make the interest payments go up and principal down for a few years, then reverses. I've not experienced this with any of my US mortgages. Normally, each payment provides a tiny bit more toward the principal than the previous one. I can't get the spreadsheet to match even a single payment on my bills. I've even backed it up to the first payment and can't get the first payment to match. I hope not to make you regret offering this. ;0)

  4. THANK YOU LEVI! What a great help this guy is. All out of the kindness of your heart. I'm assuming the majority of your subscribers are Canadian, so I would like to thank you from all of us here in the United States of America! I know our mortgages are very different so I appreciate you getting into our shoes for this video. Very helpful!! 😀

  5. I am at the 6:32 mark. Your amortization schedule doesn't make any sense. On a 30 year fixed mortgage the amount of interest you pay each month goes down and the principle goes up. This chart is the opposite… I will continue to watch this video and update this comment, but this mistake early on in calculation will completely throw off the results…

  6. We have been paying extra principal payments. How does this affect the remaining “term” amount in Current Mortgage?

  7. These are mostly american based mortgage calculations. for Canadians, it would make more sense to see if we can save money on 3 to 5 years fixed rates. Also by adding the property taxes complicates things even more. here in Canada, property tax changes pretty much every year.
    really love your content, keep up the good work in educating us

  8. hi, quarantine like many canadians it was a pleasure to listen to your video. we are new owner and I would like to ask you some questions if possible? continue your good work and share your knowledge !! sorry for my english i'm better in french

  9. Lots of folks calling to stop payments, I talked about this stuff on my YouTube channel too 👍


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