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I JUST called to STOP Paying my Mortgage (The Steps I Took).

The steps to stop paying your mortgage if you can’t or your tenants stop paying 🍀SaintPatricksDay🍀 for **30% OFF** code EXTENDED BRIEFLY – price goes up MONDAY – Includes private livestreams 5-times.

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Right before a crisis, I highly encourage staying away from speculative investments. This includes bets on stocks, *following* trends vs anticipating them, flipping real estate and anything relatively short-term. If it’s not going to last in the long-term, it’s not for me. I also encourage staying away from turn-key real estate, move-in real estate, or market-value multifamily real estate. Unless you can get something off market, most are going to be heavily overpriced prior to a crisis – this includes real estate funds and ETFs. Finally, only invest where you have a competitive advantage (as your primary investment strategy). Keep your money safe and stay safe yourself.

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  1. This guy has poop for brains. Try calling your lender to fast-track a "freeze" or forbearance. "Fast-track forbearance" – said no-one ever. Every borrower must QUALIFY for a forbearance via financial records including your Schedule E for said property; the request will definitely come. Once again, another YouTube idiot disseminating erroneous information coupled with a course he/she is trying to sell. I feel bad for anyone who was convinced by this guy to buy property in the last 12 months. You've got some extremely challenging times ahead, as REAL ESTATE is the next domino to fall in The U.S. with this pandemic unfolding.

  2. Your shirt just made my hand click on the runescpae client

  3. So you have guns…got it

  4. Hey Kevin, , first and foremost; Your videos are powerful, and it is evident how "down to earth" your advice is. I have a quick question; if my bank is flooded with calls, and is only taking deferrals by email, is there a difference, in approach? Thanks, in advance!
    – Rodrigo

  5. CAN I REFI ANOTHER PROPERTY IF I HAVE FORBEARANCE? Okay, so here's the scenario, I put multiple properties on freeze, but then I have a house I'm finishing a rehab on that was paid with cash, that I need to create a loan on to cash-out. Will forbearance effect my ability to get the refi? I have a cosigner already available.

  6. Quicken Loans' website says the following- We recommend waiting until you can’t make a payment to apply [for forbearance]. That way, the assistance options we provide will help you in the months that you need it most.

    You can apply for mortgage assistance on Rocket Mortgage or visit our Mortgage Assistance Education Center to learn more.

  7. Very good video! thanks Kevin !

  8. If you ask for a freeze does that mean your interest rate will go up? So you’ll have to pay more after the fact?

  9. kevin is always better at 1.25x

  10. I highly doubt Kevin needs to stop paying his mortgage.
    From doing YouTube alone he can probably pay it.

  11. I did the same for my truck, insurance, cell phones, credit cards are next.

  12. Better to have some toilet paper before you need it than to need toilet paper before you get it.

  13. Does this apply if you have 75 Percent Equity and also does it apply to Commercial Properties?

  14. Money guru doesn't own his home – NICE. I own mine maybe I should be a guru.

  15. This guy misses runescape

  16. Always record all calls!

  17. And what if they say no to a freeze? I would think better to not go broke over a property.

  18. Would be nice to know if you have successes in this process or not…

  19. Every human needs a home that’s basic for all life forms…. no human should be benefiting more at someone else’s expense….

    Homes are built to put people in them, the resources required all come from the earth no human owns anything more than their god damn REACH.

  20. Misleading title tough guy.

  21. The banks aren't giving anyone a break don't be a fool. The interest will still keep accruing. You skip a payment now, make 2 extra ones at the end, because the interest on the interest doubled the amount you owe. your 25 year mortgage turns into a 25 year +2 month mortgage for skipping a month. Car payments will do the same thing. Skip a few months on that and behold with shock and amazement that your 5 year financing turned into 6 year financing.

  22. You investors should not trash the mortgage market and made it toxic for owners with just one roof over the head.


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