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How to Get the Best Mortgage Rate for Your Seattle Home Loan

Ready to get the absolute best mortgage rate on your next Seattle home loan?

Here’s what you need to know…

Watch Out For Ads & Instant Rate Quotes
Mortgage lenders don’t have just one rate. Every rate is made up of a variety of factors based
upon your personal financial situation, the property you are financing and the transaction details.
The only way those types of rates and quotes can stick is for the absolute perfect borrower on
the perfect home, with the easiest loan request.

If you don’t have an 840 credit score, seven figures in savings and a 25% LTV loan, you can bet
they are going to change things on you before you close. At a minimum they are going to hit you
with a lot of extra costs and points.

Instead, speak with a loan officer and get a custom rate quote on your personal scenario
upfront. Then you can get a quote you can count on.

Loan Programs & Structuring Your Transaction
Your loan officer will help you structure your transaction and find the loan programs that will give
you the best rates.

On a purchase loan this might include 80/10 jumbo mortgages, down payment grants, and other

On a refinance, it is knowing whether a streamlined refinance, rate and term, cash out, debt
consolidation or limited cash out loan is going to be best for you.

Also choose between fixed rate and ARM loans.
Choose the optimal length of years for low rates and low payments.

Loan Features
Pick the loan features which best match your goals and the best rates.

This includes:
● Balancing points versus interest rate
● Paying or financing closing costs
● Opting for prepayment penalties
● Locking your loan rate

Pick The Right Lender For Your Loan
Picking a lender who really favors this type of loan is critical for getting the best rates too.
Do they like lending on:
● The type of property
● Your planned use for the property
● Your loan purpose
● The level of documentation you can provide
● The amount you want to borrow

Don’t Sabotage Your Mortgage Rate
Once you’ve got a great mortgage offer, don’t mess it up by:
● More credit inquiries
● Increasing amounts owed on credit cards
● Making payments late
● Quitting your job

Get in touch with Seattle’s Mortgage Broker today and get a great custom rate quote you can
count on…

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