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Amazing Amortization Loan Calculator | Equated Balance | Reducing Balance

Amazing Amortization Loan Calculator

? Do you know how to calculate equated balance loan types?
? Do you know how to calculate reducing balance loan types?

The Loan Calculator is very easy to calculate your loan amounts. Only enter your loan amount, loan term, and loan interest rate and the result could be shown clearly & 100% accurately. The loan payment calculator automatically calculates the monthly payment, the amount of interest paid, the total cost of credit, and the amortization Schedule. You can calculate equated & reducing the balance of both repayment methods. You can use it as your business calculator.

1 – Open the Loan Calculator App
2 – Select your currency type.
3 – Select loan repayment method
4 – Enter loan amount
5 – Select your loan term
6 – Enter the loan interest rate
7 – Tap the “CALCULATE” button.
8 – Your Monthly Installment Principal Amount, Monthly Interest, Monthly Installment, Principal Amount, Total Repayment, Total Interest Cost, showed next page

Calculate loan payment relevant information on repayment method, loan amount, term & interest rate
100% accuracy
Unlimited calculation and features
This loan calculator is the best financial calculator app free


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