Recent Changes to the VA IRRRL Explained | Circular 26-19-22

Recently, the VA Home Loan Guarantee Division issued a new circular (Circular 26-19-22) that completely changes the VA IRRRL landscape for both veterans and VA-approved lenders. It has affected requirements for things like discount points, seasoning, and cost recoupment.

If you’re a veteran looking to do a VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (VA IRRRL/ Streamline) or a VA lender, you’ll want to know about these changes. Eric Kandell, Low VA Rates president and loan expert, goes over the details in this video.


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This video is not intended for residents or homeowners in the states of WA, NY, or MA.

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  1. Great info!
    Can I apply for VA IRRRL on a rental property? I originally used VA loan on my condo and applied for VA IRRRL while it’s still my primary home. During the VA IRRRL loan process, I decided to rent out my condo. How will this affect my VA IRRRL application?

  2. If mortgage loan is sold to another lender, do I have to still wait 6 months to refinance with the IRRRL? Also got a letter states the selling mortgage lender (Selene) last day to receive payment is on the 1st and and it says the buying lenders (Flagstar) first date of payment is the 2nd. If I do pay the first lender on the 1st does that mean I still owe that payment to the 2nd lender as well? In other words I'm wondering if the selling lender is just pocketing that last payment.

  3. This seasoning is killing me. First payment was April 1 2019 with 4.5% Rate. Seasoning takes me to Oct 28. I hope Rates don’t continue going up!

  4. Trying to find a mobile home company that will except VA .Why? Can't seem to find one.

  5. I paid off my house and my credit score went down. Why? I will be contact you when my score go back up.

  6. Great info!! Thanks for the update.


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