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Can I get a Mortgage loan with poor credit Uk | Very first Time Buyer Secrets

Can I get a Mortgage loan with poor credit ? Sure!

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Rule amount 1
*Verify your credit file – Use for a Cost-free thirty working day trial through checkmyfile who supply both Experian and Equifax stories in a person report:


For a cost-free credit verify, be sure to download your credit file earlier mentioned and mail your PDF credit data files to together with your D.O.B. so your file can be opened.

*Take note – You should make it possible for up to 7 days for a response! We are supplying this services cost-free of demand, and are finding a very high volume to verify ! If you have not had a response in 7 days, be sure to mail a mild observe up electronic mail and your file will be quickly prioritised. A large amount of Brokers demand for this, so be sure to be patient !


***Fully grasp Your Credit history File***

Obtain your copy earlier mentioned. Use verify my file as they supply both Equifax and Experian Credit history Experiences on the very same file. These are the two credit file vendors that the mortgage loan loan providers use to evaluate your mortgage loan.

Can I get a mortgage loan with adverse credit. The reply is of course, the typical rule of thumb is that the worst credit you have the larger the charge and deposit is heading to be.

Deposit – five %

Sorts of adverse – Missed payments (credit cards, financial loans, home loans, IVA’s, DMP’s, defaults, CCJs, repossessions)

Mortgages incorporated – enable to invest in, ninety five% home loans, shared ownership, equity loan (All communications defaults dismissed – Historic adverse credit and financial debt administration designs considered)

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⚡QUESTION OF THE Day: Is adverse credit halting you purchasing your desire property ? Let me know! 👇👇👇

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YOUR Household Might BE REPOSSESSED IF YOU DO NOT Continue to keep UP REPAYMENTS ON YOUR Mortgage loan

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  1. ⚡QUESTION OF THE DAY: Is adverse credit stopping you buying your dream home ? Let me know! 👇👇👇

  2. not true I was suppose to buy a house of 475k I had 118k deposit (25%) from parent and saving my credit score is 973(of 999) and I was rejected the next day never had bad credit or loan mortgage or any unpaid bill till today history why I was rejected my earning cover the 4.5x and was a joint with my wife (first time buyer) I get a mortgage In principal and the next day a email was rejected my dream is why I was rejected 3 bank (Santander, nation wide, tsb, Halifax 3 different Brocker ) the only possible cause I can think of is maybe cause I never had a credit card In my life or my wife I was force to give up

  3. I took out an IVA in December 2016 but settled it early towards the end of 2019. Me and my partner will be looking to begin the mortgage process towards the end of 2022 / early 2023. I’m aware that the IVA stays on your credit file for six years from the start date of the IVA regardless of early settlement. Will this be a big problem when applying for a mortgage even though it will be after that six years?

    Thanks for the videos!

  4. Hello Alex, thanks for the info. I emailed you but I have not had any response…

  5. Hi Alex great info Vlog. I have about 150k and of course bad credit can you help me get a mortgage

  6. I have defaults on my account the newest one being 2 years old they are nearly clear. Think shared ownership is my only do you have any chance ? X

  7. Hi Alex, thanks for this information. Is late payment considered as adverse aswell?

  8. So I have pretty poor credit and never thought about buying a house but I now have the opportunity to buy my grandparents house for probably less than half of its market value since they're moving away to retire. Is buying a house below market value from family helpful in getting a mortgage with poor credit?

  9. Is a single ccj for £3,000 (with no other credit issues) over 3 years old an insurmountable hurdle as part of a joint application in your opinion? Cheers!

  10. Hi and thanks for video. I just wondering would it possible with CJ on credit file , get mortgage in place ?

  11. hi alex, your video has given me hope, as ive got some adverse credit, ie 2 defaults one with virgin media £134 and the other with npower £545, both satisfied and both 4 years old, i have odd few credit card payments missed ect just woried, as ive been saving really hard to get my deposit nearly have it, any info would be useful thanks kieren

  12. This was so informative! Thank you! 👌🏾

  13. Can you get in contact with me

  14. Thank you for this

  15. Great Video my Man!

  16. I am extremely grateful for this video you have literally given me hope. Your channel is the best by far at explaining all they is to know about mortgages. My credit is not near as bad as what you have listed literally 2 credit cards and 1 overdraft I was so worried before this video. Thank you once again I appreciate this video. I shall be in contact very soon. Take care

  17. Yesssss thank you Alex


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