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Housing Bubble two. – Home finance loan Lending Growth vs. History Small Housing Inventory

Housing Bubble – Housing Bubble two. – Housing Bubble 2020
Housing Crash – Real Estate Bubble two. – Dwelling Costs
Housing Correction – Marketplace Change – Foreclosures – Short Profits
2020 Housing Marketplace – 2020 Real Estate Marketplace
Housing Bubble Burst – Financial Collapse 2020
Housing Marketplace Crash – Will The Marketplace Crash in 2020
Housing Disaster – Real Estate Marketplace – Real Estate News
Economic downturn – Home finance loan Prices – Real Estate Investing
Pre-Foreclosures – Realtor – Housing Marketplace 2020
Shopping for A Household – Housing Crash 2020
Real Estate Investing – Real Estate Investing one hundred and one
Investing with No Funds Down – Situation Shiller Dwelling Price tag Index

Today is February 13th 2020 and Randy will explore the subsequent matters:

Home finance loan Lending Growth
History Small Housing
A different Significant Water Mark for Dwelling Equity

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  1. So we had a huge surge in Mortgages the last quarter of 2019, and we are also dealing with a major lack of Housing Inventory issue. The equation doesn't seem to make sense at first pass. It is the ReFi's that are causing the mortgage market to boom these days. More and more homeowners are taking advantage of these low interest rates.
    If you are not looking at this huge opportunity to either invest in Real Estate or purchase a Distressed Property at discount prices for your primary residence, you should seriously consider doing this. Short Sales are Foreclosures have proven to be much more inexpensive in price – yes they may come with some challenges – however the discounts outweigh the issues. For more information on how to learn these techniques, please contact me via email at: ( As I also mentioned, I am getting access to many more properties for buy and hold, fix and flip and multi-family as well. I now have a "turn-key" set up where you can be connected to all the right players in my area for fix and flip, buy and hold / Cash Flow and Multi-Family. Reach out to me if you have any interest in investing in my area.

  2. Never use your house as a piggy bank. Banks want to suck you dry. 😂. Thank you for all your hard work, great info.💕

  3. Randy, I have a theory about the inventory: sellers can’t get anything smaller they want, so they never lost.

  4. Low inventory but plenty of homes. If all vacant homes were on the market, a home would cost 5 bucks:) Good old Fed, distorting the market…

  5. Banks and non-bank lending institutions like Quicken Loans have been blowing up my phone and mailbox with rapid-fire sales pitches to try and get me to get a mortgage. Not even on the market for one. It's insane. Q42019 originations are nothing. Wait til we get Q12020. I'd be surprised if that doesn't exceed last quarter's.

  6. West coast suffering Chinese invasion.
    Property prices skyrocketed.
    Only buyers from China!
    What is this?
    Does Chinese Government provide money and send all this people to buy property in US???

  7. this is all Trump's fault, bringing back all the jobs & factories, lowering taxes, making trade deals that benefit America,
    eliminating those pesky leftist regulations that waste so much money. what else could go right ? i have 7 paid off homes
    going for 8 paying cash again, hate interest for some reason.

  8. Just can't conceive a Housing bubble crash Not already happen, businesses closing and High unemployment, but the rents are astronomical; RE out of reach! Noticed increase in Vehicular Home lifestyle and people living as transients everywhere, thus adjusting to the Financial climatic situation. As this prolongs expect more homeless, Drug addicts, and rampant crime; diseases and infestations!

  9. Hi Randy!

  10. Even Mr Bezos bought a Californian "cottage"for a significant reduction.

  11. Price is going down on 2020 ?

  12. Why does it take him 3 to 4 minutes to get to point? You have great analysis but need to be concise and direct.

  13. No crash coming lmao, for all those that's waiting for it.


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