Stefan Aarnio: Building a Fourplex Financial investment Residence

Matt fulfills up with Stefan Aarnio (@StefanAarnio) and focus on a latest project Stefan is doing work on involving creating a 4plex in Winnipeg Manitoba.

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Matt McKeever is a CPA, CA and True Estate Entrepreneur in London, Ontario. On this YouTube Channel Matt discusses a wide range or actual estate and private finance methods and ways. Which includes: How to BRRRR True Estate, The Value of Investing for Income Circulation, How to Get to Monetary Independence Retire Early, Risk-free Withdrawal Prices, Frugality and Minimizing Private Usage & Embracing Minimalism.

Matt started investing in actual estate at age twenty five by paying for a pupil rental close to Fanshawe School.



  1. What the hell is with the Canadian government anyways? "We don't want people to make too much money." Who was the idiot in power that decided this? They want a liberal socialist dystopia where people are dependent on government.

  2. Amazing, there's lots to learn from Stefan Aarnio, Thank you Matt

  3. These are similar techniques I use, but my numbers are even better because I own the construction company too.
    Plus, the whole fake rapper shit, takes away from it for me.

  4. 1000% in 90 days? Please explain. If it's legit, why are you even doing real estate?

  5. Hey Matt (new subscriber here) how do you continue getting mortgages with your properties? Do you use portfolio lenders or something different? Just wondering based on the number of properties you own. Awesome vids and appreciate your response.

  6. Hot topic much?

  7. if you have abilllity to make a 1000 percent return you dont need realestate

  8. Not so sure about this. The cost per square foot is more for a smaller unit. Construction costs for a bedroom are not much per SF. Costs are in the kitchen and infrastructure. And you can get more for 2 bedrooms!

  9. He has demo as well he didn't mention.

  10. I don't get the 40% expense ratio

  11. Please READ!

    For me it has not really make sense

    Ususually just one bedroom has 11' x 11' (121 sq)

    Stefan Aarnio says 1 bed has 600 sq but 2 bed 1000 sq so that it mean he wanna make one extra bedroom with 400 sq that is soo crazy !

    lets take example 2 bedroom should has around 750 sq ( extra 30sq for extaned hall or something). It mean 1250$ : 750sq = 1.66 $/sq

    That mean cost per $/sq is same like one bedroom BUT

    for you (developer) the most expensive is build kitchen and bathroom, extra bedroom is not reall big deal.

    In each unit ( 1 bed vs 2 bedroom) you make same money per sq but it means 2 bedrooms aparment is cheaper to build. That is mine opinion please correct me if I am wrong.

  12. Great video! New construction deals aren’t explained often on YT!

  13. Don't see how you would break even based on these calculations. 48K rent – 28,800NOI = 19,200 or 1,600month. With 2,400 bank payment assuming property tax and insurance is calculated in NOI, if not you would be looking at about 2,800 a month. So you would be about 1K deep every month and pray for that appraisal>

  14. Can you explain “high velocity money machine”… you kinda lost me and velocity of money..

  15. You said having an elevator would increase R&M to 50%… but having an elevator would allow you to have an extra floor or two so that would be greater revenue and thus smaller percent R&M..?

  16. But the one bedroom units have a higher turnover rate.. that one month it goes unrented would kill any difference for the year..

  17. Velocity of money – How fast can you make the 150K back – HE said 90 days @ 1000% I have to ask what system is that?

  18. This is Why some cities look boring – Because investors would rather go with what is proven and tested
    Hi rental units give him knowledge on the financials income and expenses
    the plan are proven built – so we is just replicating for optimal efficiency – copy and paste from a proven strategy – Then Refi at 75% LTV to pay back your investors – Very Smart –
    What about carrying cost?

  19. I didn't notice any vacancy rate. Also, won't a 2 bedroom rent quicker than a 1 bedroom? I don't know the market, but it's seems the pool would be smaller.

  20. snow in june??

  21. Some important details are missing with the rent per square foot decision to build tiny units. Bathrooms and kitchens cost more money per square foot to build than bedrooms so the 1/1 will cost more to build per sqft than the 2/1. Rent per dollar of building cost is more important than rent per square foot. Need to see all the numbers. And if you condo as an exit strategy the bigger units can make more sense because they often sell for only slightly less per sqft than smaller units, but cost significantly less per sqft to build. And is the building the maximum size for the lot? Need much more information to understand what is going on here.

  22. That clarification on how to payback investors money helped me very much. Thank Matt. Please do more videos about developing small multi family properties.

  23. I'm gonna stick to the Vids with Casey More than this guy. Casey seems like the real deal Big Tycoon in the making. Love listening to Casey break things down. I will take some things from this but some of it was lil questionable imo

  24. Part of this guy seems a lil BS but Im sure he is doing big things. Doesnt really explain how the investors make profit on that property really. Then he says he has a %1000 money making machine LOLOL He would be a Billionaire if that was a real thing and thats where I kind of went sour on the guy. %1000 lol Come on now

  25. Hey Matt. This video is good if the guy's numbers are legit but please do proper check on your guests since I hope there is no spread of misinformation for real estate investors watching your channel. This guy's math is already funny when talking about his existing 4 plex. Obviously depending on his finances, but the numbers don't add up in a "normal" investment strategy. Thanks. Keep up the good work

  26. Three Questions:
    1. What is the return he gives his investors?
    2. Do they have a equity piece in the property?
    3. The 1000% money making machine isn’t really explained at all. What does he mean by calling the M. Brokers flipping money in 90 days?

  27. I'm in the middle of severing a lot in downtown Woodstock and building a fourplex. This video couldn't have been more helpful and come at a better time. Thank you Matt and Stefan!


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