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  1. I'm so happy Google put one of your videos in my google feed on my phone!! I will start and work with HTML and only html until I get it down with your program to build and perfect then move on to CSS and Javascript and move on to frameworks.

  2. You stay dropping 🔥

  3. Thanks for sharing this Joe – I saw a similar video of yours a couple weeks back and was hoping to find it ! (This works too though !!)
    Are there any projects in particular that I should add to my portfolio?(HTML/CSS only)

  4. You're a real one. Thanks for the real juice.

  5. thanks so much

  6. Great content! Straight facts!

  7. Great video! Thank you!

  8. Unbelievable… I have a bunch of projects from scratch, built up with html css js, react.js… can't find a job… and here…only html and you managed to find it. I'mma walk outta the window…

  9. Due to your advice, I've been applying to HTML jobs. I live in Toronto, Canada. but no one responses and the few who responded always ask for the experience which I don't have. it's been almost 6 months. how can I get past this Canadian bullshit!
    Reading posts on Reddit of other people's journeys in the US, I've come to realize that Canadian employers are a bunch of assholes.they don't give you a chance while in US people get the same jobs easier.
    I'm an immigrant and maybe it's racism. I don't know. I'm just tired of this bullshit.
    the other day, I went to an employment center and the best they could do was a dishwasher and a cashier job. it seems they want immigrants to have shitty jobs and never be successful in their lives.
    I have a BA in IT,6 years of experience in IT back home while teaching myself to code and still no job.

    I have a great portfolio, with 3 HTML emails,1 landing page, and a JS game. Currently, I'm learning Node and after that, I plan to learn React. but I have to put food on the table.
    Do you know anyone in Canada, so they could help out?

  10. 🚀

  11. i want freelance job so how it is possible to get it by knowing only HTML.

  12. Day 350

  13. hahahah broo! Im drunk here at home and saw your notification, and it damn looks like you were talking directly to me! I needed to hear that, thanks again! "You know what i mean?"

  14. Damn, you made me realize I was applying to the wrong jobs.
    I'll be joining CodingPhase by next week and hopefully land something before the end of my paternity leave 🤘

  15. great video, great points as usual

  16. 338/365

    When Migrating with Magento remember that your old theme is not going to work and is going to take considerable development time to transfer! So that is what I am doing tonight.
    #CodingPhase #TheCodingWay #365CodingPhaseChallenge #100DaysOfCode #ForHire

  17. We need remote jobs out here we hungry but we ain't even getting them crumbs. Especially out here in 3rd world countries.

  18. You gotta do motivational speaking lol

  19. The one technology I've had to learn and relearn the most, absolutely is Git… There are no shortage of tools for it, yet I thought I found something completely intuitive built into VS Code. Still had to wrestle with it…

    #365CodingPhaseChallenge #CodingPhase #TheCodingWay


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