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How to Set up Sophisticated Mortgage Amortization Schedule in Google Sheets (or Excel)

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For every your certain ask for, right here is a super useful tutorial on how to set up an Sophisticated Mortgage Amortization Schedule in Google Sheets (or excel). This lesson demonstrates how to account for more principal payments all over the bank loan. Play with the quantities to determine out your revised payment schedule and how significantly you can conserve above the training course of the bank loan!



  1. This video has been of great help, thanks.

    I have a question in connection to the loan balance. I'm using your numbers before adding additional principal, but the Loan Balance on Period 180 (ROW 186) results in 0.0000000001559783… and the Payoff Months in 181, or #N/A after doing the last step. I'm checking all the formulas again, but I'm not sure why it isn't an exact 0.00.

  2. A huge help, thanks!

  3. Hey man, i'm in the middle of buying a house & my wife and I wanted to see how an extra few mortgage payments per year would affect the mortgage. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks! (the first amort sched video was great also)


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