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How to Work out Debt-to-Cash flow (DTI) Ratios

The #property finance loan market takes advantage of a ton of jargon! In this video clip I am breaking down “What is #DTI” also know as “Debt-to-Cash flow Ratios” and how to estimate DTI. Debt-to-revenue ratios can be a large issue in the house loan procedure when #buyingahome or getting a property finance loan, so it really is vital to know how they function. Check out the video clip to see a property finance loan lender calculates the DTI! If you have concerns about acquiring a house or the house loan / property finance loan procedure make sure you simply call or text the Kelly Zitlow Group at 480-725-0150 or pay a visit to us online at



  1. Specifically, what bills are included in the debt part of dti? are rent and utilities included in this debt?

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