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  1. Real Estate Yogi Dan Frio Brotherman, The humble abode I like was listed in Zillow for 2 six nine K ; and the monthly payment would be 900.oo $omething Dollar$.(that I could swing dang-it!) But-After speaking to A lender in my Home Boyz Town here ; I was told the payment per month would be like $1,700 Yankee Confederate Petro Renegade dollars a month on thus mortgage. I still don't understand the monies variance as to why this Zillow pulling my dreadlocks on the numbers?( and was just too distraught and disappointed to ask the other 'Lender' guy-why soo high-priced monthly payments?) "Life , Liberty and the Pursuit of pipe dreams."
    How can any 'real' peoples afford A piece of Home-Earth to call their own in this Twisted Market? Please tell me True Brotherman.


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