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$50 More Mortgage Payment Will save THOUSAND$$$ in Desire! BBBB Dollars Moves Episode

How significantly interest can you conserve off your overall home finance loan payments by shelling out an more $50 per month in addition to your month-to-month home finance loan payment? The reply may surprise you. We also appear at how significantly interest you can conserve by shelling out more substantial principle payments in addition to your minimum month-to-month home finance loan payment. Also, we talk about if payment in direction of your principle is good or is it a negative economical transfer – properly, the reply relies upon. BBBB Dollars Moves episode.

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  1. Related links and the BankRate mortgage Amortization Calculator are here:
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  2. I will just call you "J". Like the evil genius on Animal Kingdom (also in San Diego)

  3. Canada no tax deductible.
    Interest is more than 60%.
    But play the game pay xtra is better for any one.
    30 yers mortgage I brought down 9 yers and 6 month.
    I plan to payout 8 yers.
    Go part time work 20 hrs a week
    800.00 month pump the mortgage lol

  4. I pay an extra $300 a month.

  5. Its unwise to pay a 200k mortgage for an entire 30 year term. 60-70% of your payment every month is interest. Its straight up theft of the american people by banks

  6. I bought three homes sold one and I put the money in silver

  7. Make sure :
    The EXTRA payment is a SEPARATE check with a letter (AND a notation on the CHECK that it is ONLY to be applied to the PRINCIPAL)
    Otherwise … the nice bankers will pay themselves in the form of an extra Interest payment !

  8. Dude its 17% yearly not monthly APR = ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE make sure people know that. So if you take a year its 17% but if its say 3 months take 17 ÷ 3 and that is what you will pay in interest also calculate the payments you make till paid off.

  9. I hope when the real estate market falls, we are going to see a Renaissance in urban planning and architecture. We must move away from useless gated McMansion tract cookie cutter isolated housing, strip malls separated from all other uses like offices with collector roads. They are too car dependent. And no, I do NOT support New Urbanism Smart Growth Agenda 21 as the alternative

  10. First to make a comment 😀


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