Should really I Pay Additional Than The Appraised Price of The Property?

In this video I handle a typical dilemma: Should really I pay out additional cash for the residence than the appraised price? You will study why this is NOT an easy dilemma.
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With it remaining a seller’s industry in Tampa Bay dwelling purchasers require to make this determination additional than you may believe.

It is not an easy dilemma to answer for the reason that it relies upon on why you are obtaining the dwelling and how extensive you system on dwelling in the dwelling. If it really is a rental property and you can get what you require for lease and it will lease out Very quickly, the answer may be Yes – pay out additional cash than the appraised price. If it is I most important dwelling for you and your family and you will be dwelling there for lots of many years the answer may perhaps be Yes.

You will have to make the determination what YOU want to do.

Check out you this video to study additional information and facts.

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Lance Mohr
Mohr House Team at Keller Williams



  1. We are selling. I am getting weary from all the counter offers and exceptions, you know the back and forth. I feel , and this is my gut that the agents maybe are being self serving. I do not feel the buyer is properly matched to this property. As stupid as that sounds I love the place and want the next person to as well, not be in over their head. Any way, my agent said all changes in the offers would just go back n forth in the exceptions. Now I have been told the buyers agent has "cleaned up" the contract and it is all rewritten. I am getting stressed. Where and when exactly is it noted who pays closing costs. You do very nice videos, if I was in your area, I would call you!

  2. Hi Lance, I asked to bid on a house that was listed at 249k, but it turns out, the owners accepted an offer the week before. The house has been sold, as of two days ago but I really want this house… Can I approach the new owners and offer something like 275k for it? Do you think they'd accept? Is it too big of an offer? This home is the most ideal for me for the long term… I suppose I could wait around for more houses to come on the market, but I'd like the home search to end. What is your advice?


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