Home Equity Loan

Her Original Program To Spend Off Her Student Financial loan Credit card debt

Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are conversing about pupil financial debt.

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  1. PSA Gentlemen… student loans are not community property (debts)… that is HER debt. Don’t be another fool that went broke because you paid off your ex wife/girlfriend student loans. Be smart and just go your own way. Peace, Quiet and Freedom 💯

  2. Thank you again sir. Great advice as always.

  3. Who wants to see Coach and Richard Cooper do a video series??

  4. I'll pay it off for you bitch ! 50 for one payback or i break your legs.

  5. I know a couple of men who got divorced about one year after buying their wife fake boobs. One was still paying for them after they were divorced.

  6. I tell guys to go ahead and run a background check on a woman they're dating. Often times, women won't ever reveal how much debt, in any form, they owe, and it's a red flag if she isn't up front about that. Some background checks will tell you how much debt they owe, for what, and to whom, and a lot of that is outrageous. If you do run a background check, keep that to yourself and don't tell her about it (a lot of women will do the same to you to find out more about you, and they will be angry if they find out that you did likewise). You'll find out if she's had any problems with the law, what kind of debts she owes, where she's been living, and her social media presence (another red flag is if she has had anything to do with Adultfriendfinder). It often costs between $40-60, or more if you want something more comprehensive, but the way I see it that is a small price to pay for finding out what kind of a person she really is, because most of them won't tell you.

    One man I know found out how much his girlfriend owed, and they were planning to get married. It wasn't a huge amount of debt, mind you, something like $30,000, but he used that as leverage to lower the costs of the wedding. No way was he going to spend more than $10,000.00 on a wedding when she still had that much student loan debt and car payments. Well, that basically ended the relationship because she wasn't going to budge on that. This woman had watched too many TV shows on bridal stuff, and had this dream of dropping more than $3,000 on a dress, which she would wear only once, and she had this elaborate kitsch fantasy based on that, among other things. He decided to save his money.

  7. Institutions won't lend money to woman If the situation escalates

  8. 40 year old man here fellas. everything CGA says is 100%

    take your redpills, save your money, stay out of p sleeve, retire early

  9. You know, there's a word for people who borrow money and have no intention of paying it back: Criminals!

  10. Thanks Coach . Knowledge is POWERR.

  11. What's a 49er? lol

  12. Jesus they're a waste of space.
    Why the hell did they get the vote?

  13. Feminism destroys families & men!

  14. What women nowadays want to marry, is not a man, but a female with a penis

  15. guys, only pay off her student loan if you get 1 blowjob for every dollar you pay, $50 grand student loan equals 50,000 blowjobs

  16. Right-on brother!!!!!

  17. Damn Coach kicking knowledge ⚡

  18. So true on that concept of women stepping on mens head at college. I see that all too often.

  19. Woman looking for economically attractive men? hell i always knew that was the purpose of them.

  20. 💯

  21. Student loan debt is the 2020 version of the sub-prime crisis.

  22. I leave women to the Chads. Good luck with that headache! Tryin' to calm my mind over here.


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