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I never converse Danish, but Jyske Lender, Denmark’s third biggest financial institution, is supplying its shoppers “negativ rente”. What does “negativ rente” suggest? Negative desire premiums. Sure, Jyske are supplying mortgages that have damaging desire. They’ll fork out you to choose out a mortgage loan. Properly, not exactly. They are supplying a fixed-rate 10-12 months mortgage loan has an desire rate of -.5%. What does that suggest? It usually means that you nonetheless have to make every month repayments, but the desire rate decreases the principal you owe to the financial institution. You close up paying out again a lot less than what you borrowed. What outcome do these reduced desire premiums have on the housing industry in Denmark? As envisioned, they’re resulting in a housing bubble. “Danish residence costs access maximum ever level, beating 11-12 months record” “Cost, not availability, is source of housing issues in Danish cities”. If we search at historical desire premiums in Denmark, we can see that over the final decade, premiums have plummeted. It’s presently at a history reduced of -.75%. This development of damaging desire premiums is spreading through Europe. Just final month, the European Central Lender slashed its deposit rate to a history reduced of -.5%. So what about the land of Oz? Are we likely to see damaging desire premiums in Australia anytime soon? Modern news posts aren’t really optimistic. “’To zero and beyond’: What if zero desire premiums you should not operate?” “When desire premiums strategy zero, the RBA ought to rethink financial policy”. What are the RBA to do? They are pretty much out of bullets. Most gurus agree that the RBA will possibly cut desire premiums to .5% by the close of this 12 months, and possibly even to .twenty five% by early 2020. But will it aid?

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  1. Create a small community and go on the dole like we did 45 years ago

  2. A lot of financial software programs weren't designed for negative interest rates as its un heard of.

    I'd be a bit worried about taking a loan for investment as normally I claim the interest from the government instead the government may claim the interest from me.

  3. its a sign of a dying financial system

  4. including me

  5. keep doing this great work maybe the 25 million sheep we have in Australia might wake up,


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