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Job interview With Small business Mortgage Broker – Bill King From 4 Kings Funds

Bill King is an ex-banker who, significantly like myself, felt that brokering financial loans may well present a improved end result for him in both way of living and earnings. I take into account him a close friend and a very beneficial asset inside my BLC tribe. Bill has strengths exactly where I have weaknesses. Permit me describe. Most of my qualified job I targeted mainly on tools finance, my brokerage also targeted on this. While I take into account myself an specialist in the tools finance area, Bill has great awareness of SBA financial loans and other professional banking. This interview will give you an inside of glimpse at what financial institutions are all about when it will come to thinking of approving a loan and/orhow to tactic them. Bill, has skilled great success in his enterprise in a small time period of time. I am assured that his success will go on!


  1. Great interview!

  2. Buzz – I get a lot of brokers emailing me, asking if they can bring me loans. It seems they are very inexperienced. Is there a way I can refer these guys to YOU, to take your training – in exchange for some fee, or maybe credits towards ME taking your course? Let me know at **


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