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How To Employ Contractors Without having Obtaining Ripped Off!

In today’s website I will discuss about how you can seek the services of contractors with out acquiring ripped off. I say this all the time, the selection one man or woman who will screw you is your contractor. It will not be your realtor, house loan broker, accountant, or attorney. It will in all probability be your contractor.It is so simple for them to rip us off on these homes.

To give you a again tale about me, I am a contractor by trade. I did my apprenticeship as a contractor, I has my possess small business renovating homes strictly for serious estate traders Prior to I became a realtor and investor.

So I know a great deal about this matter and I know what to glance for when hunting for contractors, as I made use of to be one and function all over them on a everyday foundation. So listed here are some guidelines for you to glance out for when hunting for contractors.

USE YOUR Intestine

To again up a minimal little bit. Prior to you locate one always ask nearby serious estate traders in your spot who they are utilizing. The last vacation resort is to glance on your possess via Kijiji or somewhere. As soon as you locate one and satisfy them, have them quotation on your home. When they are there quoting, use your gut! Its really superior at viewing sure symptoms and selecting up ques. You are going to know when one thing is fishy if you hear and adhere to your gut. Most of us never do this at all!

If you get screwed by a contractor and glance again, you are going to instantly know that there was one thing off about that man or woman but you chose to disregard it. This made use of to materialize to me far too. I would sometimes disregard my gut and mainly because I felt the contractor was wonderful in man or woman or was remaining trustworthy, even when all the ques were alarmingly existing.
Now that I have some of the most effective contractors on my team, I did not get that sensation from my gut at all! I have two amazing crews that function for me all year long on all my homes, and they do excellent function!


The next matter you would want to do is get referrals from other serious estate traders, realtors, and specially home professionals. If you have a superior link with a superior home manager, ask them for their contractors or who they know. I myself have questioned my home manager for a cleaning guys/female, carpenters, plumbers, electricians! They always have someone! Why? Due to the fact this is all they do. They acquire care of their consumers homes and they want these connections to do a superior career.


I acquire all of the resources. I get the resources dropped off at the home. What a great deal of contractors would do (and they would get pissed off for me indicating this) is that they would acquire the supplies from their producers specifically.

They would acquire it for $one.twenty five for each sq. foot, and would up-demand you $one.fifty on major of the labor price. That way you are having to pay a great deal more than you need to. This is why spend them for labor only! I acquire the supplies specifically, the kitchen area, the paint, the trim, and many others, and have it shipped at the home. It’s so simple! I order every thing online at the price tag I like and get it delivered specifically. This technique will keep them trustworthy. How? When they quotation on a career which includes the over-priced materials for $25000, you are going to in all probability believe that them and spend the total total. But if you currently have the materials you will be ready to calculate the labor for each hour price. This will convey your price down substantially!

This is one thing you need to always keep in thoughts! Remember we are only acquiring a labor quotation! A great deal of contractors will want a payment upfront mainly because they “have to acquire some material” to get the career began. They will commonly ask for twenty five% upfront to start out the career.

Thankfully given that you acquire the materials specifically they Should really NOT be supplied any payment upfront. They get compensated as the venture goes on. This is all accomplished via a payment plan.

So I individually spend my contractors twenty five% Right after 2 weeks of function. It’s no distinctive than remaining an employee in a firm and acquiring compensated bi-weekly right after you put in the hours. That is standard. That is how it performs out there, and that is how it will function in listed here as perfectly. So spend them twenty five% of the total at the time they complete twenty five% of the function. Likewise fifty% of the total at the time they complete fifty% of the function, and so on. As soon as the home is full and all cleaned you give them the ultimate look at.


This is how you can protect you when it comes to contractors. If you adhere to these ways, it will be uncommon to get screwed over. It can even now materialize but you will at least lessen the likelihood.

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  1. Be very careful about finding contractors on Craigslist. Many of them are NOT licensed (thus why they're advertising on CL in the first place), and that's a good way to GET ripped off! A better way is on

  2. In the Caribbean we do a lot of labour contracts, didn't know this can work up here as well, great tips as usual

  3. Valuable tips Matt thanks much for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the Real advice #matpiche:
    1) “Use Your Gut” feeling: whether he is the right person to do job or not!
    2) “Get referrals": from local Real estate Investors and property managers
    3)" Labour only Quotes" : Always buy materials on your own and ask for labour only quotes. then you will know their hourly charges. Negotiate if it is too high like 100+ Perhour, 40 to 60 is a good range (from comments section)
    4) "Do Not Pay upfront" : Always Pay 25% , 50% , 75% 100% as job progress. ‘ just like employee get paid after they do work for week or so”

  5. Great tips Matt. When it comes to the licensed trades (e.g. Electrician, plumbing), do you also buy the material? (e.g. wire, boxes, pex, abs, pvc, etc.)

  6. thanks

  7. I always worry about this. This was really helpful!!

  8. Great advice.

  9. I called a guy off kijiji once.. He wanted an $800 deposit. I met him at Lowes instead with cash in hand. You also want to keep the material receipts especially if the contractor is cash only. You're definitely right about buying the materials but this was just for drywall studs and insulation. He ended up doing a decent job. Then there was this roofer who ripped me off. I drove up his front lawn right to his door. The neighbours didn't seem to mind at all.

  10. Great video Matt. What do you find is the hourly wage most contractors are charging ? $50-$80 per hour range is what I am guessing?

  11. Perfect timing!


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