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How We Paid out OFF Our Mortgage loan In 7 Decades (Uk) | Personal debt Free of charge

HOW TO Spend OFF Mortgage loan EARLY Uk. Discover Accurately how we paid off our property finance loan in 7 yrs 🙂 ♥

Start off your journey to Financial Independence and Personal debt Independence currently.

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  1. I just had to subscribe!

    Thanks Ken…this is insightful. Just wanted to ask some qs:
    – ppl are only allowed to pay a maximum per year on their mortgage without incurring a penalty (for overpayment). Did u pay over the maximum amount per year or did you have a product which didnt have any penalty for overpayment over the yearly threshold?

    Also are you considering an investment property or have you instead chosen to invest in stocks and shares? Would be gd to hear your opinion on this.

    Also from watching other videos, i understand you dont like debt, but are they certain things you'd consider as 'good' debt?

    Also would love for your wife to share some of her food receipes, for a cheap but wholesome meal for the family.

    Look foward to watching more videos!

  2. Hi, I am not sure if I am using the mortgage amortisation calculator correctly or if it isn't working. The small box to the right with "ACTUAL mortgage payment". When I enter an ACTUAL mortgage payment (i.e. monthly payment implied + overpayment) entered as one figure in the yellow cell, it doesn't adjust the figures in the two schedules below. Can anyone help with this?

  3. Thanks again, I love watching your videos. The wage pretty much just covers expenses and I use all your tricks (shopping around, plant based diet etc). I’ve never thought about overpayments because it didn’t seem worth it for what I can afford but I feel motivated now. Keep up the good work!

  4. Hey man just come across your channel I appreciate the message as we have virtually 0 financial intelligence videos for the UK it's all US. Keep at it and post more often!

  5. Loved this video, Ken! My husband and I watched this and *mind blown*! We didn't really appreciate how much impact overpaying had on reducing your mortgage term. When we remortgaged a year ago, we went from 28 years to 22 – keeping our payments the same and drawing out some equity. But we are so fired up now to really pay it off and from September have set up an automated payment to overpay by £1k a month (which knocks 8 years off our current term).

    We also spoke to our lender to get the current balance and also what our overpayment cap is for the year (10%), so that is a nice target to work towards as well

    Thanks for sharing all your helpful tips.

    p.s. the mortgage overpayment calculator, do you have a Google Sheet version or Apple Numbers. When I opened it in Numbers on my mac, none of the formulas worked – had to use another tool online to calculate.

  6. Would this principal work the same if you were planning on buying a bigger property in 2-5 years?

  7. Hi Ken! Great video! What is the process for setting up standing orders to overpay on a mortgage? Did you have two standing orders – start and middle of the month? Thanks, M.

  8. Hello. Great video and very motivating. I understand how all of this works with a repayment mortgage but we have a mixed mortgage- part interest only and part repayment. I am currently overpaying every month- sometimes by a few hundred and sometimes by £1k. Currently, it is going toward the interest only part of the mortgage. Is this the correct way to overpay? I have tried to refinance but husband and I are self employed and we are stuck with the deal we're on 🙁

  9. This is extremely inspiring. Bravo.

  10. That's my way of thinking too; x amount goes on the mortgage, we set up a direct debit and the rest we can save and spend. I would also advice people to check their contracts because some contracts will fine you if you pay more than say %10. Also, I wonder how long this is going to be applicable for after I've seen this article?

  11. Awesome video..worth the watch

  12. Strange, it is the first video I got notifications for even though I was subscriebed for a while now.
    great this one came through

  13. Wow, this video is fire. So inspired and ready to apply these concepts to my life

  14. Nice content as always. I wish I knew all about this 20yrs ago. What are your thoughts on moneybox ?

  15. This is so good! Thank you!

  16. Love this, thanks so much guys!

  17. Torn between investing and overpaying the mortgage. Settled with investing £150 pcm and overpaying the mortgage by 10% pcm. Fab video. Thanks so much 🙂 Sue

  18. Guys, the one VERY IMPORTANT point to add to this video is that where you choose to live matters. We chose to live just outside London, and as such bought a house without a huge mortgage (relative to London prices) on it. This was a deliberate decision as we could have afforded living in a major City like London but chose not to. Hopefully, those who are still to buy a property will find this point useful. LESS DEBT = LESS TIME TO FREEDOM 🙂

    (1:37 , 18:36) – FREE DOWNLOAD – Overpay Mortgage Calculator –
    (2:02) – FREE 10-Day PRACTICAL MONEY Course –
    (17:14) – Quidco –
    (25:06) – 85 Ways To Make Extra Money –


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