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Mortgage tension exams may be in need of a &#39tweak&#39: RBC CEO

Royal Lender of Canada CEO Dave McKay joins BNN Bloomberg to go over the state of Canada’s housing industry. He states the contentious mortgage loan principles introduced in January 2018 could be in need of a “tweak” now that prices have cooled, but states the polices are even now necessary over-all.

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  1. RBC unfortunately is impossible to work with.

  2. What?!? RBC doesn't think people with gender studies degrees have the right skills for the future? Lol

  3. What a joke , a charter bank looking after our welfare … and the mortgage rates our country regulates . No way Jose !!!! Faster talker here , this guy.

  4. Illegal migrants have UN human rights

  5. Video title is misleading. The CEO is just talking about himself.

  6. Easy mortgage mean higher prices and more family debts, prices still going up even with the stress test, maybe it is time to make it harder for people to get mortgage to push prices down.

    We will have a very big issue as wages still low and people have no saving when they retire


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