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Are Negative Desire Costs Causing The Industry Crash?? | Desire Costs Stated

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In this video, AK is going to describe what’s going on with detrimental desire prices, will detrimental desire prices lead to a economic downturn?

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  1. Get rid of your trading FOMO with our free guide here:

  2. When is Alex going to make a video 👍

  3. Yo AK! Can I borrow $100,000 with negative 10% rate 🤣

  4. What is the name of the show with the clips?

  5. I remember seeing someone recommend that you do a video on negative rates and you said you would. Haha awesome, you're a man of your word!

  6. A much higher paste in your voice on your own channel then on the minority mindset one bro! Looking forward to the Monday stock video on jaspreet’s channel !

  7. Something weird is going on at the white house

    or should I say the orange house

  8. Negative interest rates and inverted yield curves are a clear warning that the economy AND equities are in BIG trouble going forward. Really big, bigger than 2007. When corporate and bond debt starts to be unloaded and interest rates go up, there will be another panic to get out of bonds and stocks. Just like 2007, everyone is saying it is going to be different. NO, it's going to be a lot worse. Heed the warning and prepare when all of the debt bubbles start to collapse. 2007 was only a teaser.

  9. I just wanna keep buying shares and make at least 8% per year. Can I keep doing that? Then why would anyone lend money for nothing?

  10. I don't know if I'm getting smarter from watching your videos or if your videos are becoming easier to understand. Whatever the case, I actually got it this time around!!😁❤👍

  11. Negative rates seem rational to me. But we don’t have them here. Yet. But we will, I’ll put money in it.
    Some people can’t conceive the world just may be changing. New templates are in order.
    And negative interest rates would force the yields up, thus bonds down when economics dictate. No?
    So what is the risk of taking money for nothing and the chicks for free…. oops… I’m mean the government is gonna be the only lender of interest free loans. Right? Business would never loan interest free money? Or would they.
    You said you were gonna hammer this subject. I hope so. Let’s dig into the ramifications. This is cutting edge modern world economics. I’m positive it’ll be the way of the future. Loans will depend on your good name and business plan. I see a whole new paradigm. But not overnight. Economics never sleeps. How’s your other life. 👄 …. smile
    I’m still crunching that fire hose of information guy from the other day. The bastard makes me work. That’s okay he’s worth it. Love this channel. It’s got everything and hormones to. Thx

  12. Thanks bro!

  13. AK! Welcome back, buddy! We missed you! From where I sit, negative interest rates will only impoverish the average citizen. And if you think about it, even bond traders, who stand to profit from increased principal value, as the coupon takes a dive, are betting that rates can keep going lower. Otherwise, how will they sell at a higher price to the next sucker? And at some point, central banks won't be able to go any lower without causing a bank run, or loss of faith in their currency. The hyperinflation genie's cork in the bottle is above-zero rates. At any rate (no pun intended), this currency destruction will not end well, in my opinion. On that note, I would certainly love to be paid by a bank to get a house. The catch is that the rate will reset higher after a certain time period, so if you don't pay off the loan really fast (10 years), it goes positive again. Great video. Hope you hang around, good man.

  14. what market crash?


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