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Actual Estate Cycle Displays Phase-three Danger (

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A essential element is comprehension current market cycles is recognizing very long expression designs considering that they do the job the similar with any asset.

Actual Estate is now in Phase III and the bubble has started to pop. This is a challenge for the reason that thirty% of the GDP (all the dollars that flows by the US economy) is tied to real estate.

The pattern began its convert in 2018 and the hole in the bubble is now finding even bigger, even as house loan premiums have plummeted. Equally new and existing home revenue proceed to plummet. Market place pundits simply cannot understand why these reduced premiums have not influenced home revenue. But what have they influenced?
Cash-out refinancing, as home become ATMs all over again. When the downturn accelerates and charges tumble even further, there is no nominal price to cushion the tumble.

The inverted and widening yield curve tells us that the future economic downturn is both imminent or has by now started. I think it.


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  1. just sold my late mothers home here in the UK for over 3x what her and dad paid for it just 18 years ago. almost feel sorry for the young couple who bought it.

  2. I like the intro music so much better. TY.

  3. Agios Basilis coming soon may want to consider Gold as a present ..

  4. Jim Rickards – Yes!, big fan.

  5. In Canada, increases in values of properties do NOT directly cause increases in taxes. It's increase in spending, that is wisely covered with increases in taxes (not to say the increase in spending was wise), that causes taxes to go up. the only time that a property tax is increased during zero spending increases, is when one property goes up compared to another. Lets say there are 2 houses in a town. They are both worth $100,000. When tax time come, they each pay half the total taxes collected. I one house now goes up in value to $200,000 and the other house stays the same, at tax time the more expensive property gets to pay 2/3 of all the taxes.
    Many people don't understand this concept.

  6. Why would you try and sell me gold when you think it's going to be confiscated?

  7. She wants to sell precious metals so she will say anything even , fear tactics to scare people I have seen metal companies do this all the time

  8. Honey, I love black and you are adorable today. My sorry loser girlfriend wears black all the time but she looks like death warmed over. She won't eat and her teeth are rotting. Someone save me please. Hugs and smooches love

  9. So now is a bad time to buy!?

    Top of the market? Appreciation maxed out?

  10. Is there any problem with buying rental property right now as long as it cash flows $100-$200 a month? There are still a bunch of turnkey properties throughout the Midwest United States that haven’t appreciated much in the past 10 years. As long as you’re staying out of the New York’s, LA’s and Seattle’s of the county and the property cash flows right? $85k single family home that rents for $925? Thoughts?

  11. Love u Lynette ❤️

  12. Let me guess before watching the video, she recommends buying gold and silver? LoL.

  13. thank you so much for your work here.

  14. Local governments are broke. Just look at their actions and you quickly realize they can't afford their bills. When property prices dropped in 2009 -2012, they refused to drop the property taxes and reduced local services.

  15. buy bitcoin – ha, ha, ha- nothing is more secure than buying AIR

  16. Paris calling.This is a very interestingreport from you.I do follow your market analysis.your presentation is very understandable.
    Thank you for your patience in preparing your report.For me it has great value.keep the ùarket reports coming. regards

  17. Anyone else think that we're in this economical mess because they took the $1 off the gold standard?

  18. wayne jett// yes……. whywould youtalk to ricards?

  19. Just an honest response.

  20. Quick question, if a gold confiscation were to occur, would silver also likely be confiscated?

  21. There is one specific market I pay attention to (have for around 10 years). It's a rural market but near to a rapidly expanding metro area. It's a pretty stable market. Even in the last downturn it stayed relatively stable. Something is certainly afoot. Since mid 2018 I have seen a slight uptick in foreclosures along with a slow downward trend in prices.

    Fast forward to the last two weeks. I see a large uptick in foreclosure listings with a LARGE number of listings getting reduced by %15-%20. Even raw acreage (no house and what I am interested in) has been dropping a bit.

    Remember folks, land is a tangible asset just know what you are walking into property tax wise as in many places it isn't worth the cost to sit on it. I got dry powder set aside and I am going to start hitting the delinquent tax sales and auctions. Bought a place last December for a song because it was a cash auction. Lot of people buy on credit but the number of people with cash on hand is limited and becoming more so every day.

  22. I figure that once the collapse comes…an ounce of silver or gold will be priced without a crazy difference in premium prices that we are seeing today. So an old 1 ounce numismatic gold coin and current year gold eagle will likely go for the same amount because the powers that be will simply take it and melt it down and put it into another form. So the person that buys an $8million 1 ounce gold numismatic coin today is taking a much bigger risk of not getting their future value back compared to a person that just buys a 1 ounce gold eagle today at $1,400. Ultimately an ounce of gold is an ounce of gold regardless of its form. So when the reset happens both those coins (weighing the same) could probably just be priced at their weight without some crazy premium since figures at that time will already be crazy high. Also government minted coins might be more readily accepted (not need assay) vs an old numismatic coin that can’t readily be authenticated beyond its status of being gold or not. So at the end of the day people will solely go off of the pure weight of the metal and not attributes that are related to some crazy premium that we see today.

  23. What kind of gold in Canada?

  24. God will bless you for your honesty and patriotism> Helping out those that are willing to listen. I so much appreciate you, your guests, and all the people behind the scene!

  25. The twilight zone into The outer limit's.


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