Will My Assets Appraise?

No matter whether you’re striving to get far more favorable terms on a bank loan or simply just mature your genuine estate portfolio, refinancing a rental property, at some point you’ll most likely want to refinance a rental property. Portion of the refinancing process is the appraisal—a program that creditors have set in location to make certain that the property price is in alignment with the bank loan amount of money.

In this video, we’re discussing what to assume from the appraisal process. We’ll communicate about our activities, what an appraiser appears to be for, and what to do if your property doesn’t appraise for the price that you’d hoped.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience guys, very helpful. .. Just had an appraisal done on our primary res. Waitin to hear from the bank. We are in a Land Contract, eventually looking to refi. Which is the purpose of the appraisal. Really nice guy. I think an Appraiser has a job to do. And obviously we can't choose who does the appraisal, so hopefully he does his job well. Then the bank has the final decision. So it's not a 1 part process. I did know enough to not put any pressure on the Appraiser (cause who likes to be under that?) No, it's better to just be human with them… Listen, respect, kind, positive attitude. They ask questions, you answer. You may ask questions, they answer. I always have had the approach of how can I help you. So if that means turning on a light switch to help, that's what i did a few days ago. Anything to make their job easier. People want to be nice to people who are nice/helpful to them. Can't hurt, right? Take a lot of lessons from the greats i.e Napoleon Hill… give a good handshake and a smile with energy and intent. The BIG ones are 1. Golden Rule 2. ___________. If anyone guesses #2, I will confirm they are right. Hey can't spill all the beans…gotta save some for the rice 🙂

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